G.L questioned by CID on statement over explosives

G.LFormer Foreign Minister, professor G L Peiris was questioned by the CID today on a statement he made over the explosives recovered in Chavakachcheri this week.

Peiris had claimed that the explosives were to be taken to Welawatta and this prompted the CID to question the former Minister on the authenticity of his claims.

The joint opposition said that instead of investigating the source of the explosives recovered in the North the Government was investigating opposition members who had made statements on the discovery of the explosives.

A suicide jacket and explosives were recovered from a house in Chavakachcheri in Jaffna this week.

The suicide jacket and explosives were recovered from the house based on information received by the police.

The police said that three parcels found in the house contained 12kg of TNT explosives.

The police also recovered 100 bullets and batteries used to trigger explosives.

The police said that it is believed the explosives were hidden in the house during the war which ended in 2009. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. Professor must play cool and smart. Throwing words unnecessarily is not a wise move. Even if he has the truth, still he needs time and place. We just can’t say anything anywhere.

    Professor G L Peiris accompanied by Namal and Wimal. Where the rest? It is clear what is happening.

    I rather trust MR than puppets of the West. The Middle East had done Ranil’s way, but Middle East has been destroyed. The diaspora trusted the West, they also fooled by the West. The Rajapaksas may have taken money but the country is still peaceful. But puppets of the West will destroy everything by handing over to the white man, we lived through the terror for few decades, because of the Western support through diaspora. How can I support a justice system to please the West, but I am a victim of the West’s injustice? My citizenship was deleted deliberately due my writings about the struggles of Australian aboriginal people, but I was prevented from getting a lawyer to fight my case. The West has been occupying the moral high ground to rule others. Therefore, we must enlighten others and have minimum damage by the West.


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