President says Sinhalese can live happily only if Tamils are happy

Maithripala SirisenaPresident Maithripala Sirisena says the Sinhalese Buddhist community can live happily only if issues faced by the Tamils and Muslims are addressed.

Speaking at an event in Eravur today the President said that the government is keen on addressing the issues faced by all communities.

He said the majority community must ensure Tamils and Muslims live in harmony in a way that all communities live happily in the country.

The President also said that the Government is keen on addressing the issues faced by all communities.

He said that the reason for the “northeners” to take up arms was that their basic problems had not been addressed.

The President said the country must develop irrespective of regional differences, “be it the south, west north or east, all must have equal facilities for education, health and transport”.

“We can’t allow people to take guns into their hands again.”

The Government is contemplating a new constitutional arrangement aimed at addressing the issue of political freedom of the minorities.

The Government begun the process for a new Constitution inJanuary this year. It has sought public opinion on the new Constitution, the report of which is to be presented by the end of April. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. President must understand one important thing. Tamils won’t be happy unless the West and New Delhi are happy. President doesn’t seem to understand how the West and New Delhi have trained Tamil monkeys to play Western and Indian tricks.

  2. When the coffers run dry and the pawn broker is reluctant to offer a swap $$ because the dollar will keep on rising even the Chinese are reluctant to swap- Chinese philosophy Win/win.

    BodiSira for the fist time understands what is self imposed economic embargo.
    What goes round must come round.

    The standard of education at Lanka is so low that booby boys/girls run the nation.
    An island no different from the carriabian in every respect.
    Sunday Sil Monday Kill Kill the Veddha Blame the Suddha.

  3. Sinhalese Donkeys dont understand where they are from come to sri lanka, they from west bengal and orissa. so these donkeys never listen to anybody.

  4. Sirisena became President from Tamil votes. So he is trying to pay back everything he can including the sovereignty of Sri Lanka. If more than 80% Sri Lankans are Sinhalese and many Tamils live in Sinhalese areas, why would Tamils need special attention; they should be a part of the community like any other ethnic group. Tamil diaspora spent millions of dollars on Terrorist war but got defeated by Rajapaksa government. Now most of the drug money from Tamil diaspora goes to Western Politicians to incite them against Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka does not need a President who is cheating to his own country.

  5. @antany peter correct, also the Chinese have taught the Sinhalese how to dance to the donkey trick. Very soon they will acquire the entire country. Like they only hoisted Chinese flags at every opening function at the projects they financed. Sri Lanka will pay them blood money for many generations – thanks to the donkey brood in the island. Whilst the past rulers and their families have moved all the commission and pilfered monies to foreign banks. You will be happy about it.


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