Vito Mercedes-Benz now in Sri Lanka from DIMO

4Diesel and Motor Engineering PLC (DIMO) will be introducing the second installment of commercial vans, the “Vito” under Mercedes-Benz. The new introduction will encompass a versatile edge consisting of a larger payload and a set of unique features.

The launch of the Vito is a part of the global car manufacturing company’s new product introduction plan, which includes four vans the segment. In Europe, the Vito model series is classed as a commercial vehicle and is beneficial for a number of capabilities such as trade, retail and shuttle services. This series is ideal for business purposes as well as for delivery as this particular type of vehicle encompasses a spacious feature.

At a recent visit, ‎ Daimler South East Asia, Regional Sales Manager Vans and General Distributor Markets, Thomas Berner commented, “Before we introduce any of the series, an analysis is conducted where we evaluate the Sri Lankan market seeking compatibility. We have thus considered the ideal segment to target and realized that our next step would be to introduce mid-size vehicles such as the Vito to the country.”

The Vito is also being classified as a vehicles ideal for dual use; this would entail not only the transfer of passengers but also for the utility of companies who plan to transport goods as well. Thomas added, “We have embraced the same plan for Sri Lanka and we encourage local companies and small and medium enterprises (SMEs) to utilize this opportunity, as this model would no doubt bring an added value to the client.”

As the Vito can also be used for private purposes as well, the Vito efficiently accommodates modernized entities weighing on innovative tech and safety features and lower fuel consumption. The Vito in particular can utilize up to 5.7 liters per 100 km depending on traffic situations. At one point, the Vito can easily accommodate up to 10 passengers and is ideally capable to cater to industries such as tourism, especially in a country such as Sri Lanka.

DIMO has been the preferred dealers in the region for Mercedes-Benz vehicles especially when it comes to the passenger cars but now, the company has gradually embraced on expanding their focus towards commercial vehicles as well in the process.

The overall global performance for Mercedes-Benz in the year 2015 was recorded at a successful sale of 2.85 million units of which around 300,000 units comprised of vans. Last year’s sales were deemed as a record since the company’s inception, with the number which had surpassed the previous year’s amount of figures slightly above 2 million units. Amongst the state of the art features that have been integrated into the Vito, is the Attention Assist Safety Feature and the Crosswind Assist Feature. The Attention Assist feature is an attention regulator that becomes activated and senses the moment a driver would fall asleep and hence, nudge the driver to wake up by recognizing the driving patterns of the vehicle at that moment.Likewise, the Crosswind Assist feature is activated specifically on a highway on a rainy day will ensure the vehicle is maintained on a straight path especially during strong gusts of winds. Both these features are available as standard in the Vito. Diesel Vito models are also available in Sri Lanka through DIMO, priced very competitively with other similar models manufactured in Asia.

On the subject of lower fuel consumption, the latest Vito models can save up to 15% of fuel when compared to its predecessor and thus, helping greatly in lowering the operating costs for companies. Moreover the Vito promises a comparatively early return on investment due to less time spent off the road due to unparalleled reliability and superior product quality.

DIMO is the only authorized distributor for Mercedes-Benz vehicles in Sri Lanka and is probably the oldest distributor for Mercedes-Benz in this part of the region. The newly opened Mercedes-Benz Center – ‘DIMO800’ is the most modern and state-of-the-art automobile service center in Sri Lanka.


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