Thamilini claims CID visited LTTE areas posing as journalists

ThamiliniA book written by the former head of the LTTE women’s political wing S Thamilini, claims that some CID officers had visited areas which were once under LTTE control posing as journalists.

In the book, she claims that she recognized some of the CID officers following her arrest and interrogation at the end of the war.

She said that those CID officers had met her and other LTTE members when parts of the North were under LTTE control.

The book Oru Koorvaalin Nizhalil” (In The Shadow Of A Sharp Edged Sword) was released by her husband at a function in Kilinochchi recently.

Jeyakumaran married Thamilni in 2013 after she was rehabilitated and released from Government custody. S. Thamilini died of cancer last year. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. What political education or experience she had to become the head of political wing? It is clear why the LTTE became so ruthless and got eliminated by the world.


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