President says Sri Lanka now has many powerful friends

MaithripalaPresident Maithripala Sirisena says Sri Lanka was once one of the most isolated nations internationally but now it has been transformed into one that is accepted worldwide, with many powerful friends.

The President tweeted saying the people elected him with the hope that he will deliver what he promised in his election manifesto.

He says the unity Government ushers an alternative to politics torn apart by party divisions since independence.

He also noted that former President Mahinda Rajapaksa called for elections two years early because his Government was  unable to deliver solutions to the problems the country was facing. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. Can you please name at least one country in the world, survived after becoming friends with these so called “powerful friends”. You betrayed the country, SLFP party and your friends until last moment. Rajapaksa trusted you until last moment but you betrayed him as well. Dear Mr President, can you please stop making Sri Lanka another Iraq, Lebanon or Syria?

  2. Our president, Mr. MY3 is simpleton and a child to believe these powerful cunning friends. He has to learn some good SL politics to protect SL from these powerful satans.

  3. Do not forget Sri Lanka is a sovereign country!
    JRJ too had the same powerful friends until Rajiv Gandhi violated our airspace and dropped ‘parippu’.
    You are so immature that your utterances are good for kindergarten kids! First, you need to study international and domestic geopolitics; then, learn to think like a free and proud citizen while at the same time getting out of your ‘big’ brother mentality. You have still still some time to prove you are that ‘ideal President’ that people of Sri Lanka had been looking for!
    Thank you!

  4. I could laugh till my head off for his inferior definition. What he has achieved after betraying own party and whole country . I agree that Rajspaksa regime wasn’t immaculate,but he evidently proved his government could accomplish miracles on the earth .i cannot understand why it is remained as such fuss to admit for him .If we born yesterday that would mind . What have you done to this country so far assembling parties ? . At least , at least ,have you stood with pledges that made prior to the election . You have paralysed the economy,security and stability . Wingnsswaran has proclaimed many times that his people need a federal solution and nothing less than federal , but it is shocking to know that the present government never mentioned a word regarding his comment ,this is how the stance of present government looks like . They seems to be trapped some where or by some one ,which is undoubtedly clear up to today . I am not surprised regarding to whom were collectively supported to establish this unstable regime to accomplish the needs and hopes of some groups of people .
    Nonetheless,the biggest worry is ,whether we be able to revert some woeful errors made to plan by this government in the name of good governance. I only can see that country is on the brink of bankruptcy under this incompetent state. So, do not try to clear your incompetence from previous regime

  5. Also I listened to his media discussion yesterday,and where he weighed much to show off that he is the only one up there to address and eradicate the quarrel between the communities which last for ever . Honestly , this is the last resource is available him to cling on power until he kicked out , but he never said how he is going to accomplish it . Please could you inform us how you have decided to resolve ethnic issue which you confessed of remaining unresolved yet .because it has been echoing in the political environment for long time . We would dearly glad to know from your mouth how you anticipate to address the ethnic issue. Give us details and particulars then we can see what it is looked like , unless we cannot judge on individuals mutterings . I really wish to reverse the war and let it in your hand to see how you will handle it . These are jokers ,hypocrites who are good on living with dreams

  6. He is a president of a country who lost his way in 14 months .isnt he really feel that is shame ? Or is he really falling on DEMENTIA????

  7. This person clearly needs a crash-course and an extremely quick one at that in Geopolitics, Power Brokering, Foreign Relations and above all and extremely potent injection of “World History” !

    God, what have we done ?! This is certainly not the change we wanted, we yearned for! Come to think of it, we’d rather have danced with the known Devil than the unknown Angel!

  8. Traitor to your party, traitor to your people and traitor to you colleagues. Useless, incompetent, weak follower not a leader. Your speaches are good for meditation and religious Poya days.

  9. Yes, many powerful friends with “Empty Pockets” and who historically always supported anti Lanka course, LTTE and tried to prevent at the last minute, insurrection being finished for ever.

  10. To understand politics at least GCE(O/L). UNFORTUNATELY FAILED IN MATHS.No Agriculture diploma.I did not meet anyone as maithreePala sirisena in my period at the Agriculture school in 1973 before or after.

  11. I slid back on my memory lane to childhood, the days when we used to make proclaims without substance seeking glory from fellow mates. What a leader we are ‘gifted’ with! This man might take the country down the hill to disaster unless an able man rescues us sooner.

  12. You need to convince your powerful friends to become more helpful. They could definitely do more to promote Sri Lanka as an investment destination. Securing significant amounts of FDI was supposed to be one of the major upsides of the transition of power. To date, this hasn’t really happened. We’ve seen a lot of empty talk about ‘goodwill’ when you and your ministers have travelled to the US and Europe, but your government is also missing its FDI targets. Furthermore, they are ignoring your request for changes to proposed the mechanism for a war crimes inquiry. There is no admissible reason that they can give as to why the present government should not be able to carry out this process independently. This demonstrates that a lack of trust continues to taint the respective relationships between these nations and Sri Lanka.

  13. MY3’s brains are being totally screwed up by his puppet masters CBk & Mongol.

    MY3 & Ranil are like how two buffaloes tied to a cart pulling it in opposite directions.
    MY3 taking decision prompted by his puppeteers. Mongol travelling the world and signing all & sundry agreements which MY3 can not understand and Ranil & the country are not aware.

    very soon there will be a noose round the Sri Lanka neck which will get tightened as a result and not even ranil will be able to loosen leave alone remove it.
    We are facing a dangerous situation. very soon MY3″s friends will be controlling the country and foreign bases will spring up here.
    deiyo sakki !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Looting of public funds and malinvestment debts left by the previous regime will keep the country on the proverbial begging bowl for the next few generations.

  14. Sri Lanka is a small country and needs the help of powerful nations, without which Sri Lanka cannot do it alone, towards prosperity. Sri Lankans are only fit to find fault and criticize the foreign countries, but the slightest opportunity the majority Sri Lankans get they go to foreign countries for education, money, work etc., and settle down in those countries. When they come to Sri Lanka on holidays they brag so much about their prosperity in those countries, imitating the foreign culture and moreover the accent. Then they are least concerned about the development of Sri Lanka, but as long as the people living in Sri Lanka cannot go to foreign countries, the foreign nations are enemies to them. Hilarious Sri Lankans! It’s time that you wake-up….

  15. My3 seems to have a major inferiority complex. Not good for a president of a country. I have seen the way he looks when he meets European leaders. He looks quite pathetic. Those who invite him are not his friends, but his masters. It is unfortunate that he does not realize that.

  16. You stupid village gam batta after Govt. In Deeper Crisis, As SriLankan Unable To Pay $ 1 Billion Debt why are you idiots giving another vehicle to the stupid ministers? You think these ministers are so important? Jack asses started to rob again!

  17. A President who has no control over his nutty son & uppish thinking Daughter will not be a success in the future, how can he control the Sri Lankans, first he must have his house in order, that nut of a son is jumping on stage un-invited dressed like a fish monger & Daughter want to lead any functions self invited, a pathatic situation our country is facing.

  18. President’s powerful friends used to create chaos in Sri Lanka. Now days they become friends of him because we approached China to eliminate the LTTE. President’s powerful friends ran to us, because they couldn’t achieve their ulterior motives through Tamils, because China is very powerful than Tamils. I urge the President not to talk too much, because he is starting to reveal his immaturity in international affairs. You have to be very immature and ungrateful leader to make such a statement. China won’t be happy with this kind of statement.


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