Government assures it will devise a political solution

KiriellaThe Government today assured that a political solution for the National issue will be devised through the new Constitution.

Highways Minister Lakshman Kiriella said that the Constitutional Assembly will convene on April 5 and begin discussions on the new Constitution.

The Minister said the process to create a new Constitution will be transparent.

He also said that Sri Lanka is no more the focus of the UN Human Rights Council.

Kiriella said that earlier Sri Lanka was always on the agenda of the Council but this month when the Council met in Geneva Sri Lanka was not discussed since the new Government is taking efforts to address human rights concerns.

The Minister also said that several countries, including Japan, China, Singapore and Germany have come forward to invest in Sri Lanka.

“The Prime Minister will be going to China in April and will sign several agreements,” he said.

He said the international community needs an assurance that another ethnic conflict will not break out if they are to invest in the country.

Kiriella said the Government is now engaged in a major development drive and towns like Kandy are part of this drive.

As part of the development drive, the Minister said the Bogampara prison will be converted into a hotel. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. Each minster in the government says different version on political solution. Why cannot one minister who should be the spokes person for the government categorically say something truthfully. What is the political solution, the minister was speaking about. That is what D.S.Senanayake said at that time when Britain gave Independence to Sri Lanka with regard to minorities. It is 68 years since DS said it and now Minister Lakshman Kiriella says something. The Tamils have become headless.

  2. The Tamils would be in for a rude shock despite their waiting and losing everything since independence.The Sinhala majority government would want the Tamils to wait ad infinitum until they finish the coloniation of the NE whilst the present Tamil leaderhip end up like its predecessors


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