UN supports genuine consultations with victims in Sri Lanka

ban_2United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon says the UN supports inclusive and genuine consultations with victims and affected groups in Sri Lanka.

Observing International Day for the right to the truth, Ban Ki-moon urged States to adopt measures to promote truth, justice and reparations for victims, which is so crucial to ensuring that gross human rights violations are not repeated.

The annual observance of International Day for the Right to the Truth Concerning Gross Human Rights Violations and for the Dignity of Victims pays tribute to the memory of Monsignor Óscar Arnulfo Romero, who was murdered on 24 March 1980. He was actively engaged in denouncing violations of the human rights of the most vulnerable individuals in El Salvador.

“Across the world, every victim has the right to know the truth about violations that affected her or him,” Ban said in a message on the Day. “But the truth also has to be told for the benefit of all people and communities as a vital safeguard against the recurrence of violations. The right to the truth is closely linked to the right to justice.”

To advance this effort, the UN supports fact-finding missions, commissions of inquiry, mapping exercises, and truth commissions, which document human rights violations and make recommendations to ensure accountability, reconciliation, and other reforms, he said, noting that from Colombia to Tunisia, from Mali to Sri Lanka, from Nepal to South Sudan, the UN has advocated for inclusive and genuine consultations with victims and affected groups, especially women, girls and those who are far too often excluded and marginalized.

“Their meaningful participation must be ensured in all relevant stages of transitional justice processes, and their specific needs must be fully recognized in any reparation measures,” he said.

He also stressed the need to secure the testimonies of victims and witnesses to ensure the rights to know the truth and to justice. Appropriate mechanisms for the protection of victims and witnesses, including their physical and psychological integrity, privacy, and dignity, must be put in place.

Moreover, the preservation of archives and other documentation relating to human rights violations is crucial for ensuring undistorted historical record and preservation of memory, he added. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. More than 30 years Tamil Tiger Terrorists killed thousands of innocent people but where was this UN? Why Terrorists can kill innocent people and preventing terrorism is a crime?

  2. will you do the same thing in Iraq Afghanistan Libiya etc, thousand of civil people killed by coalition of America British and France

  3. Did the UN insist on what the Secretary General has preached when the superpowers of this world played God in Iraq, Libiya, and Afghanistan killing thousands of innocent people? Does you archives got the number of people killed in these countries and under what conditions they died. I am sure you don’t. Shame on you and the UN for the disgraceful manner in which you conduct business. It is all about who grants the biggest chunk of money to pay your salaries and fund the continuation of your wasteful operations and those got the licence to kill. What is really sad is that our own politicians fail to see this or choose not to see.

  4. Ban Ki-moon is simply a political lackey of the western powers, nothing more. His silences are far more informative and revealing than his words.

  5. More importantly for 60 years the Sri Lankan government has murdered hundreds of thousands of Tamils and made millions flee the island. Why has the UN failed to act and why is it still failing to act? Is it because Sri Lanka is now a US ally?


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