MasterCard, IBM partner to help small businesses

IBMEric Schneider, Senior Vice President, MasterCard Advisors, said, “There is an increasing wealth of data today that merchants can leverage to better understand their market and consumers. However, smaller merchants often don’t have the resources to maximize the insights. That’s the value of this platform turning Big Data into smarter data that is easily accessible and actionable.”

“We are thrilled to be working hand in hand with MasterCard to help smaller merchants understand their business and competition better, and increase the strength and value of their customer relationships,” said YasheshKampani, Financial Services Sector Leader, IBM ASEAN. “Through this new service, merchants will discover just how easy leveraging Big Data can actually be with the analytical tools that IBM and MasterCard are making available.”

MasterCard Advisors’ LMI provides insights that help to drive some of the most important decisions a business can make about operations, marketing and personnel. It focuses on three key areas: business performance; customer behavior; and competitive standing.

The IBM Watson Analytics data discovery tool is designed to deliver cloud-based guided analytics, data visualization and predictive analytics without complexity. With its natural language-based cognitive abilities, Watson Analytics recommends starting points for the user to follow based on his questions and automatically serves up insights and visualizations that enable the user to discover new patterns in their data such as customer buying and behaviour trends, untapped campaign opportunities, and more.


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