President backs devolving powers to the provinces

MaithripalaPresident Maithripala Sirisena says he supports devolving powers to the provinces within a united Sri Lanka.

Speaking in Hikkaduwa today the President said that the Government is keen on giving more powers to the provinces through the new Constitution.

He noted that several issues faced by the people can be addressed by strengthening the provincial councils.

The President said that in the modern age, experts always speak of how best powers must be devolved and not just be focused in one area.

He said that if anyone opposes devolving powers that is a sign of how those people have not moved ahead with the changing times.

Sirisena said that it is important that the Government and the provincial councils reach an understanding on the issues at hand.

He recalled that when he was the Minister of Health he shared the powers which can be shared with provincial Health Ministers.

The President said that some of the Ministers in the then Government questioned his move to share his powers with the provincial Ministers.

However Sirisena said that he stood by his decision by saying what he wants is for the job to be done and not just to hold onto power. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. It is easier said than done. How are you going to devolve powers to the Provinces Mr.President? The Tamils are demanding a Federal Setup under a united Sri Lanka. Will you accede to their request? The federal set up is not only to the North and East but to other Provinces as well

    Democracy only works where there is .a broad consensus about the distribution of wealth and power and it is because this consensus faces unprecedented stress, some factions resort to violence or even outright war.

  2. Is this a part of agreement for Tamil votes in his election? It is probably for North and not for other parts of Sri Lanka.


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