President reiterates no foreign judges in domestic process

Maithripala SirisenaPresident Maithripala Sirisena has reiterated that he will not agree to have foreign judges in the local judicial process after investigating incidents related to the war.

Speaking at the Law Conference in Wadduwa, the President said that he has faith in the local judiciary and he feels all that needs to be done is to strengthen the judiciary and ensure it is independent.

International human rights groups have been calling on Sri Lanka to invite foreign judges to ensure the domestic process to investigate human rights abuses related to the war are credible.

“If there is a need to conduct a judicial process after investigating human rights abuses, I will not agree to invite foreign judges to come to Sri Lanka and be involved in that process,” he said.

The President had made a similar comment a few weeks ago to the international media and that created a storm with human rights groups insisting that he reconsider his stand.

The President said that there were times the local judiciary faced various allegations and times where local judges were removed from office in an unfair manner.

However he says his Government has taken steps to ensure the local judiciary is allowed to operate freely without any political pressure.

He also said that he has instructed the police to investigate some incidents where judges have been intimidated by groups not linked to the Government. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. Justice not only should be delivered without a room for any doubt but it should seem to be delivered as well
    This us where neutral judges are needed!

  2. We need to applaud the President for his principled stand and announcing to the International community that Sri Lanka has a proud history of judicial competence and impartiality not second to any nation. Inviting foreign judges of similar calibre to those like Dharusman, Sooka, Navi Pillai etc has to be a big big no, going by their unrestrained ability to conduct non-transparent investigations, and produce reports on Sri Lanka with no known witnesses.
    Good on you Mr President.

  3. first you better proof some of the brutal murders done by your previous government and clear the air in order to see there is a independence judiciary and law in order in the country. if you can not find the rugger player killers and arrest soon and proof local people can do it ,why people have to believe your’s words because you too part of this dirty game over haft century supporting such leaders and political Party

    • Laksiri could you please list out the brutal murders you are referring to?
      Are you not happy that there were no terrorist activities or disappearances, since their defeat in 2009?
      Anyway it is best that you list out the so called brutal murders, that might help a future investigation.

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