US envoy holds talks with Sampanthan on reconciliation

Keshap SampanthanThe US Ambassador to Sri Lanka Atul Keshap had talks with opposition leader R Sampanthan today.

Keshap tweeted saying at the discussion he heard views on reconciliation and constitutional reforms. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. You would believe anything, if you believe that a foreign government will take of yourself, your people and let you to live happily ever after in your motherland, because you trust foreign power. Certainly, I haven’t seen that in the Middle East or Africa.

    Tamils are not learning from their own mistakes nor from the others’ mistakes. Tamils believe and listen to the West and India. Since last year I have been to many events in the North. But Indian representatives and the Western representatives are taking the center stages as chief guests more than Lankan Tamils or Sinhalese. What does it tell you?

    Tamils talk reconciliation by trusting foreign governments, it will never work. I am trying to educate the Tamil leaders, but it is like straightening a dog tail.


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