Ishanka Alwis: Staying confident

Ishanka 3_FotorIshanka Alwis, is a true supermodel, one who is really confident in herself and has an awesome walk and a stunning body to go with it.

She followed a course in a modeling school and then took part in the Best Model of the World Sri Lanka 2013, where I ended up as the1st runner up and won the Best Cat Walk. In 2014, she took part in the Runway Supermodel Sri Lanka 2014, where she emerged the Winner.  She has met many a lot of interesting Industry Moghuls and now works for Brian Kerkoven.

Ishanka has walked the catwalk at all the major fashion shows in Colombo and is very popular in the fashion world.

Her advice is to drink plenty of water, eat healthy food, exercise and stay stress free and she is not one who lets little issues bother her.

She considers herself a peaceful, quiet person, who does not get involved in other people’s issues.

She says that in her life, she has had many happy moments, two of Ishanka 1them are, when she won the Runway Supermodel Sri Lanka 2014, and the other when Brian called her and told her that he wanted her to represent Sri Lanka at the Supermodel International in Delhi, India.

This is her first International competition, and she is so happy that she finally got a chance to represent our beautiful country Internationally.

“I have to thank Brian Kerkoven, for giving me this opportunity” she said. “I would also like to thank, Kelly Felder, LICC, Gihan Nanyakkara, Kamil Hewavitharana,  Sabry Junaid, Hiran Wijesekera, for the lovely National Costume, my dearest friend Shanaz, who helps me so much, a great friend and especially Nandisha Kalutota,  who sponsored my airline ticket to Delhi”.


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