Government notes inaccuracies in Special Rapporteur’s report

Rita Izsák-Ndiaye, Special Rapporteur on Minority IssuesThe Government has noted several inaccuracies in the report by Rita Izsák-Ndiaye, the Special Rapporteur on Minority Issues, which was submitted to the UN Human Rights Council.

A statement by the Government to the Council says some references in the report are inaccurate and completely misrepresentative of reality in respect of society and societal formation or structures in Sri Lanka.

The Government notes that the references to caste in paragraph 35 of her report which states that Sinhala, Sri Lanka Tamil and Indian Tamil are categories of caste is completely erroneous.

“Moreover, it is completely incorrect to state that people in Sri Lanka are under pressure to follow caste based employment. Untouchability, as stated in the report is not a feature one would find in Sri Lankan society at all. The term “Dalit” has no relevance whatsoever in the context of Sri Lanka. There is no community or caste identified by such nomenclature in Sri Lanka. As pointed out in Paragraph 110 of the Report, the Constitution of Sri Lanka in Article 12(2) specifically prohibits discrimination based on the grounds of race, religion, language, caste, sex, political opinion, place of birth or any such grounds,” the Government said.

The Government said it is disappointed that such incorrect, inaccurate and misleading references have been made to Sri Lanka in an important Report of this nature presented to the Council.

“Especially in the context of factually incorrect reference to Sri Lanka in the Report, we welcome the visit of the Special Rapporteur on Minority Issues to Sri Lanka, as such a visit will certainly enable the Special Rapporteur to engage with all concerned in my country to obtain the factual position in this regard and accurate information which will clarify and clear misconceptions pertaining to the areas mentioned in this report,” the Government added.

Sri Lanka says is looks forward to being able to seek the expert advice of the Special Rapporteur on any outstanding issues or issues of concern during the visit. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. This is why Mahinda ignored these vultures. This is high time for Pambaya Sirisena and Uddahcha Ranil to realise what is happening in the international arena. Gos bless Gota and Mahinda.

  2. Ignorance in a person of such standing is a disgrace. Selecting people to such posts should have better credentials! The world that is in turmoil with little done to ease the sufferings and death of millions where are all these so-called Rapporteurs.
    What a waste of time and money having such incoherent statements made by a person who obviously is incompetent to handle any human issues.

  3. These UNHRC vultures are the biggest threat to humanity. They are fed by NGO pimps and prostitutes who are fed by dollars and euros. Our donkey government is bending their back to invite these misery makers to put the country back on a path of destruction. The report is factually completely is complete stereotyping of the Sri Lankan society. It is the biggest joke these vultures speak for reconcillation while all their talk and action is focused on fabricating divisions and mistrust among our people. Only idiots will invite these vultures to give advice.

  4. These people dont write papers. They find a previous report and replace the country name. it is very easy.. Find and replace tool is there.

  5. UN employees are chosen from their parents employment in the UN previously ( Plum Jobs) They are highly paid to produce least ! They have a lovely life at the cost of member states and fools who fund them ! Look what they have done to the island of Cyprus ?

  6. These people are not worth the salaries they are paid. Most probably this so called special rapporteur has copied a document about Tamil Nadu and replaced the name Tamilnadu with the name Sri Lanka. The previous Sri Lankan Government had enough headaches with such incompetent time wasting disruptive individuals. The UN should sack them.

  7. Like NGOs and some other govt places some people not worth for their jobs are functioning and giving advice.
    No wonder Hilary Clinton accused our forces of rape being used as a weapon during war!
    These are half baked unsubstantiated accusations based on similar situations in other parts of the world , including in India but not in SL.


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