Jordin Sparks happy for Jason Derulo

jordin-sparks-jason-deruloJordin Sparks is happy for Jason Derulo and his new flame Daphne Joy, and she said so on Instagram.

She conveyed those feelings to one of her followers after she was criticized for no longer being with the singer, as well as Sage The Gemini, who she recently split from.

“She wouldn’t be single if she has above all what you mentioned,” wrote the follower. “His new girlfriend looks better. You can’t deny that. I mean don’t take me wrong, Jordan is a great singer, but she didn’t have all … She broke up with her second boyfriend, so you do the math.”

Jordin, who’s kept pretty quiet on Derulo’s new woman, said that she chooses to be alone and doesn’t consider being single a bad thing or a character flaw.

“An upgrade is in the eye of the beholder,” she wrote.

“They are happy, and I’m happy for them. I am also a party-of-one because I choose to be. Not because I’m lacking in superficial areas that you seem to think are the most important. But I digress. Have a great day,” added Sparks. (Courtesy