Kerry urged to push Sri Lanka to repeal PTA, free prisoners

Secretary-Kerry-SFRCUS Secretary of State John Kerry has been urged to push Sri Lanka to repeal the Prevention of Terrorism Act (PTA), release political prisoners and return land held by the army.

The chairman of the US House Committee on Foreign Affairs Edward Royce has written to Kerry saying he supports the increased diplomatic engagement with the Sri Lankan Government.

He noted in the letter that the Government led by President Maithripala Sirisena had made several promises and continues to make “impressive, positive steps”.

“Renewed US diplomatic engagement should continue to support these efforts. To that end, I urge you to continue to press the Government of Sri Lanka to take immediate steps to release political prisoners, repeal the war-time “Prevention of Terrorism Act”, and return land seized during the conflict, These actions, which the government has already committed to take, would help build confidence in Sri Lanka’s ability to undertake even larger reforms.”

Royce also urged Kerry to clearly outline steps the US will take to support reform in Sri Lanka, including implementing the recommendations of the UN high commissioner for human rights Zeid Raad al Hussain and stressed on the importance of a clearly-articulated policy on Sri Lanka.

“I ask you to clearly outline the steps that the US government will take to support reform, including efforts to implement recommendations from the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, and ensure that development and security assistance are in line with reform efforts. Mr Secretary, I believe it is important that the US carry out a clearly-articulated policy to support reform in Sri Lanka,” he further wrote. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. You can listen to the satan but never to these US christian preachers. They bring hell fire to all the countries in the world.

  2. sri lanka is not Palestine. so your attempt to undermine Sri lanka is your foundation to end Israel.
    There is lot of chances still available to make friendship with American, Eu as well as Israelis but you American shut down the doors for a possible friendship because you act as if Sri lanka is your property that make people feel suspicious on American

  3. Kerry, why not release the prisoners held in Cuba by the USA for years without any trials before you tell Sri Lanka to release those held for terrorist activities. Isn’t it better that you do some work at home before preaching to the rest of the world.

  4. Ok, then first release all political prisoners held in Guantanamo bay and release all land occupied by US military in Iraq, Afganistan to civilians there…!

  5. this is the new attempt to free the terrorist so they can create terrorist act again in sri lanka that what it is the truth.
    this people how they support to create terrorism well known secret about there activeness regardless of the country’s low in order.
    it is better to know the disciplinarian act is been disturb by usa state department.

  6. Why the Prevention of Terrorism Act (PTA) is bothering Tamils and foreign leaders? It should not bother Tamils, as long as they don’t follow foreign powers to kill their countrymen. If they want to change, they must educate others through writing, as African American had done when they were slaves in the US.

    Mr Kerry must do everything to make sure that Edward Snowden is comfortable to return to his motherland which is the US. Then we will give him an opportunity to say his point of view about the political prisoners in Sri Lanka.

    Mr Kerry may not aware of the US history. The Native Americans are the true owners of the US, not White Americans or African Americans. The White Americans took the land from Native Americans on genocide. Therefore, first and foremost Mr Kerry must return the land to Native Americans then we will give him an opportunity to say his point of view about the land held by the Sri Lankan Army.

    The Sri Lankan government shouldn’t listen to the invaders. They are very clever when it comes to occupying the moral high ground to fool others in the name of democracy and human rights. If you are not watchful, history will repeat in Sri Lanka, and Asia will end up in a mess as Middle East.

  7. Beans, effectively finishes his term by November.

    Don’t expect any deviation of present day policy- see nothing do nothing.

    Let the Hindians swallow the left overs. with its $ swaps.

  8. Why don’t the US release all the Guantanamo prisoners who are there without any charge/evidence for over a decade? Tit for tat.

  9. It would be appreciated if all those who lost land during the conflict are resettled, whether they be Sinhalese, Tamil or Muslim. For this the starting point will be demining the effected land and then, the armed forces and LTTE Mahavir families vacating the land and houses they now occupy and give them back to the rightful owners. Those who suffered through LTTE atrocities, need also be compensated.

  10. Kerry wants Terrorists to be free so he can sell weapons, to start the war again. America is the poorest country in the world in simple economics. Every citizen is indebted over $50,000 as loans piled up in trillions which they cannot pay in lifetimes. Kerry should find a peaceful way to close the budget gap.

  11. Release the prisoners who are innocent from Guantánamo bay and Israel prisons, would they ask prisoners to release from Iran and Saudi Arabia no never and they can’t. Ask Mrs Clinton to release Libya and e-mail scandel details.

  12. Chairman Ed Royce’s interest on justice and peace in Sri Lanka is well within his ambit. Disgruntled Lankans should stop singing the Guanto-namo-namo argument for every folly of theirs and start meeting their obligations to their people and the world community. After all, Royce’s request to Secretary Kerry is all what Sri Lanka agreed to do per the UN-HRC resolution they co-sponsored. Release long incarcerated political prisoners, repeal PTA, return occupied land to civilians. Chairman Royce, Sec. Kerry and the US are true friends of Sri Lanka- a multiethnic, multicultural secular Sri Lanka that is.


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