Fonseka wants international monitors for war probe

sarath-fonsekaFormer army commander, Field Marshal Sarath Fonseka today called for international monitors and foreign advisers to be invited to be involved in the investigation over the war.

Speaking in Parliament, Fonseka, who is now a Minister in the Government, said that international participation is vital in order to ensure there is transparency and credibility in the investigation.

“I led the war in line with the accepted laws and regulations. It was in line with Geneva protocols.” he said.

However he said that if there was anyone who abused human rights and violated the law then they must be punished.

He also insisted that the respect and dignity of the security forces must be protected when investigating incidents related to the war.

Fonseka, who led the war during the final stages of the conflict, also backed an investigating over the alleged ‘white flag’ incident in which unarmed LTTE cadres who surrendered to the army were said to have been killed.

“An investigation on the white flag incident is a must. The people must know if the white flag incident is true or not,” he said.

The former army commander also said that some groups are now attempting to incite the public by spreading false claims.

He urged the public not to be misled by groups claiming to stand for National interests and to ensure the peace in the country continues. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. a man who wants glory only for himself; this is the true nature of politicians past and present alike! No doubt the majority are capable and clever in their own sphere, but they sadly lack the proper moral judgement needed to temper their capability! The bane of modern day society is that it is skewed one way or the other which has resulted in many issues being blown out of proportion! Such persons are the majority in our society hence, human values have become on par with a toilet paper.i.e. to be discarded after usage. The underlying fact of the matter is it is indeed pitiful that so many young lives fought and gave up their lives to save such a society where the key players who united to defeat terrorism, up to date are warring over who should get the majority of the credit whereas it was a comprehensive effort by all to defeat terrorism and the citizenry too have forgotten what carnage was created when terrorism held the upper hand! No matter how talented a person is his use becomes worthless if he puts his personal interest above ethical values!

  2. Fonseka has beaten the LTTE, but he can’t beat the West. Remember, in Iraq the West fabricated the story that Iraq had WMD to impose its interests. Only the West needs a little room, then it will spin your heads.

  3. Become a minister and sell the troops and country. If we carried out operations in accordance with international law why are we worried? The international community will always accuse Sri Lanka no matter what it does. Good luck General.

    • Sarath Fonseka’s recent statements have created a dark day in Sri Lanka. It is clear Sinhalese have been divided successfully by the foreign powers. This will create a disaster for Sinhalese, Sri Lanka, Indian Ocean and Asia. The foreign powers isolated wise people like us to use Tamil youths as terrorists and suicide bombers to achieve their own interests. The same foreign powers well and truly started to destroy Sinhalese as well. It is truly a sad day for Sinhalese and Sri Lanka.

  4. Field Marshall Fonseka says he led the war. We all know he led the Army quite efficiently, but he certainly was not the commander of the Navy, the Airforce, the STF or the Police, which forces also made vital contributions in the operations to eradicate the terrorists and rescue around 300,000 Tamil hostages trapped by these terrorists. The operations of the different forces most probably must have been coordinated by the Defence secretary Gotabaya and not by the Army Commander Fonseka.
    If his comments have been accurately reported here, then I am afraid he would make similar incorrect assertions, making him an unreliable witness promoting self interest..


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