Minister instructs authorities to probe image of eagle skinned alive

12800196_10153501937507183_7170031514297159830_nThe Minister of Wildlife Gamini Jayawickreme Perera has instructed the authorities to investigate an image showing an eagle allegedly being skinned alive in Sri Lanka.

The Wildlife Ministry said that the Minister has instructed the police and the Criminal Investigations Division (CID) to investigate the images which appeared on social media and take appropriate action.

The Wildlife Ministry said that the men in the image have already been identified and will be arrested soon.

The Minister said that the identity of the suspects must be exposed in the media and they must be forced to make a public apology for their actions. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. I am ashamed by what I read regarding this matter. My country which is mainly a Buddhist country allows this type of depravity to occur.

  2. An innocent, helpless bird being skinned live by heartless ruffians .I am … So grateful to the Minster for prompt action taken against these culprits .
    This is an eye-opener for offenders committing cruelty to any animal in the island.

  3. I too agree with you that they should be given a long term jail sentence and not a slap on the wrist, an apology to the general public. These barbarians are grown up men who could understand right and wrong. If they don’t, the best place for them is to spend a long time behind bars.

  4. MR. Minister public apology is not a punishment need much more. Order to arrest the culprits and produce then in the court. Court will decide the punishment. I am sure the court will give a deterrent punishment.

  5. A public apology is not the answer Mr. Minister. Arrest them, produce them before courts and I am sure whoever the judge is, he or she will indeed order a term in jail. These inhuman men should be brought to book and made to suffer. Their hideous smiles tells us the story of how elated they were when they skinned the eagle alive. Hence the punishment meted out to them should be one they would remember all their lives.


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