Government looks to identify owners of gold kept by LTTE

LTTE bankThe Government is to take measures to identify owners of gold kept by the LTTE during the war which is now in the possession of the army and the Central Bank.

Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe said that the army has recovered around 150 kg of gold from former LTTE controlled areas.

However he said not all the gold seems to have been returned so an inquiry was needed to see what happened to the gold which was not returned and also to find the owners of the gold which is in the care of the army.

The Prime Minister said that the owners of around 80 kg of gold in army care are yet to be identified.

“That gold will be given to the┬áCentral Bank in future,” he added.

He urged Northern based Tamil political parties to share information they have on what happened to some of the missing gold and how to identify the owners of the gold in army care.

The gold was stored in illegal banks operated by the LTTE during the ceasefire and was found when the army stormed the North and East to regain control of LTTE controlled areas. (Colombo Gazette)


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