Dinesh claims most “missing” sought asylum overseas

DineshJoint opposition member and Mahajana Eksath Peramuna leader Dinesh Gunawardena told Parliament today that most people reported “missing” sought asylum overseas.

He claimed that of 7000 Tamils reported missing during the war some had sought political asylum in Canada, Europe and India.

Tamil National Alliance Parliamentarian M.A. Sumanthiran then accused Gunawardena of insulting those killed during the war by saying they are living overseas.

Gunawardena however stood by his comments and accused the Tamil National Alliance of working with a UN panel to create false numbers of those missing and killed during the war.

He also questioned the right the Tamil National Alliance had to speak on human rights when they remained silent at the time the LTTE abducted and killed Tamils. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. Finally Sri Lankan politicians are on the right track. You can see most of the “missing Tamil people” living in Australia, Canada and some other Western countries. It is the responsibility of current government to ask help to track these people and request to deport them back to Sri Lanka. Otherwise UN will keep harassing SL government on this.

  2. Minister’s comments is common sense to any neutral observer. Many Tamils, including terrorists wanted by the security forces had escaped to foreign countries to seek asylum based on bogus claims of torture, persecution etc. These Tamils were clever enough to hoodwink the well intentioned foreign nations, to believe their canard, that if their true names are divulged to the Sri Lankan Government, then their kith and kin would be tortured. (This was in fact the technique the Tamil terrorists themselves used to control the Tamil diaspora).
    So it is obvious that many so called missing could be those who escaped and took on a new identity with the help of naïve foreign nations.

  3. You can’t step on the roads of UK, US, New Zealand, Australia (yes have been to all these) without bumping into bunches of Tamils here there everywhere. Most have set up shop with handouts from govt or the diaspora. Most shops are run by these people – good on them. But how did they manage it? Most have been given false passprts in Tamil Nadu, so they have two passports, either destroy the SL one or keep it hidden. In the meantime the well-trained actresses in Jaffna howl and scream before the UN emmissaries asking for their loved ones !!!! These wretched cowards will never allow SL to progress and catch up with threst of the world. Shame on them.

  4. Dinesh Gunawardena is an absolute fraud. Political Animals like these should be let out to pasture. The Lawyers and the Judiciary of Sri Lanka are finally getting back thier rhythem. We will not allow this filth to raise its ugly head again in this country. We are the people and the Majority have spoken.


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