PM cancels contract of security company after ‘Occupy the Square’ demo

IMG-20160307-WA0013Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe has ordered the Culture Ministry to cancel the contract with a Government owned security company from which two security guards had harassed a couple at Independence Square recently.

Deputy Foreign Minister, Dr. Harsha de Silva said that the Prime Minister ordered the Culture Ministry to remove the Director Operations of the security company and issue a statement.

He said that the chairman of the security company has already complied with the instructions he has received.

“This afternoon on behalf of the Government I met with the ‘Occupy the Square’ protesters who had come to Independence Square to protest against the regular harassment of people couples by security guards who seem to have got enormous power to chase them away based on all kinds of weird interpretations of ‘decency’. The Director Operations of the security company had been appointed to the post by the former Secretary Defence and is a sitting member of the Kotte municipal council,” Dr. Harsha de Silva said.

A video circulating widely on social media shows the security guards telling a couple they have been asked to chase couples away unless accompanied by children.

“Today they argued with me that holding hands, putting a hand on the shoulder etc are indecent acts and won’t be tolerated. I reported the matter to PM who issued the above instructions to ensure that young people in this country can enjoy their freedom in a decent manner. This is the democracy we fought to establish in this country,” the Deputy Foreign Minister said. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. Since of late, Prez and the PM are on the rampage , sacking people in higher places, who are either hired by this govt. or former Govt. They should try to avoid the hire and fire policy and have a selection process, going through the credentials thoroughly, looking into their past and select the best who could serve the govt. efficiently and sincerely. They should note that MR may have a shadow govt. and enrol these people so that selection of administrators of the future Govt. armed forces & police becomes easier, and 100 % loyalty is assured, because of dissent with the current govt., if he happens to form the next govt.

    If a man or woman is not towing the line of the govt. why was she or he kept there for more than a year. They should not get the wrath of the people by adopting a hire and fire policy as the Govt. is increasingly becoming unpopular due to their lethargic attitude shown towards
    handling of import govt. matters. Why high profile cases of corruption and political murders
    are not handled on a priority basis, why media given total freedom blindly at the start without a body overseeing media reporting and now trying to restrict them, why go on the offensive with big organizations like UFTA & GMOA, instead settle matters over the table, are some of the questions asked by the people as they are jittery as to who will form the next Govt.
    since there seems to be no difference between the past and the present govt.


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