Government says it has backing of all UNHRC member countries

Mahinda-SamarasingheThe Government says it has the backing of all UN Hyman Rights Council (UNHRC) member countries including those who opposed Sri Lanka when the former Government was in power.

State Minister of Finance Mahinda Samarasinghe said that Sri Lanka cannot go forward by having close links only with a few countries.

He said Sri Lanka’s international relations have improved after January 8 last year when the new Government took office.

The State Minister said that under President Maithripala Sirisena, Sri Lanka has been able to obtain assistance from several countries, including the US and India.

He said that Sri Lanka will not forget the assistance given by China in the past but the Government feels Sri Lanka cannot move forward only with the backing of China.

The State Minister said the Government has also noted the importance of having very close relations with India.

He said that the Government will however also take decisions as a sovereign country while working with the international community. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. The West has undermined the Chinese influence in Sri Lanka. Therefore, it has decided to say good things about Sri Lanka. The West has developed its knowledge for the last 700 years. It will continue to use the knowledge to impose its interests on others, in order to secure its dominant power. Tamils and Sinhalese can’t comprehend the West as much as they would like to, therefore we can’t expect them to fight as Russians. In fact the Russians were superpower, even the Russians are struggling now days. Recently New Zealand Prime Minister visited Sri Lanka. But the Taj Samudra hotel billed the visitors for their stay. Eventually Sri Lankan Primer Minister got involved and made sure that the Sri Lankan foreign Ministry takes the bill. Because this is the normal practice, the host country bear the cost. The current Foreign Minister doesn’t even know what is normal within the foreign ministry, do you think that he has the ability to understand the legal implications by having the international players on Sri Lankan war crimes inquiry? Therefore, the current Foreign Minister won’t be able to do a good job as Lakshman Kadirgamar to educate the other countries.

  2. Other countries do not know that citizens are arrested, even when returning from employment abroad, under the Prevention of Terrorism Act, after “labelling” them as past/present members of LTTE, without any proof of same and incarcerated incommunicado in police stations and prisons, without being produced before a judge in courts.
    This is “human rights” in Sri Lanka.

  3. You defended MR government’s human rights records in the international scene.
    You know the situation then and now.MR defendef this country at the expense of his government’s popularity and his petsonal image. Now the situation is entirely different. Present government does not have to face war or international lobbies against Sri Lanka. Therefore they can be friendly with any country. Your insinuation that RW government has earned special consideration because of their reputation over MR government does not hold water.

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