Education Minister wants child removed from mother with HIV

Akila Viraj KariyawasamEducation Minister Akila Viraj Kariyawasam says measures will be taken to remove a child in Kuliyapitiya from his mother who is believed to be HIV positive.

The Minister says the mother wants to keep the child but there is a concern the child will get HIV by sleeping on the same bed with the mother.

“I was told by the zonal (education) director that doctors told him the father of this boy died of HIV and that the mother also has HIV,” he said.

He says if the mother has an open wound that may cause HIV to spread to the child when the child comes in contact with the mother.

The Minister said if the mother does not allow the child to be transferred to child probation, legal action will be filed to ensure that is done.

He says the Education Ministry wants to keep the child in child probation and give him school education without allowing the situation to aggravate further.

“We want this child to get a school but we don’t want this done by creating another situation,” he said.

The child was recently forced to leave his school over claims he has AIDS but the Minister said that tests found the claims were false.

However pressure from the parents of the students in the school forced the authorities to remove the child and look for a new school for him. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. This country is so backward. The Minister needs to do some research he’s so ignorant. If he was the Minister in an african country then several children would be removed from their biological mother. Grow up help the mother & child, education is needed so the mother understands about safety and prevention. Who would do such a disgraceful thing. Sometimes you have to think these people have no brains to get these jobs, give an educated person who understands about issues responsible jobs not some idiot.

  2. You are not fit to be the Minister of Education if you did not know that HIV is only transferable though blood and if infused not sleeping close to a person with HIV. In that case all who treat HIV people are susceptible. Please learn more about this issue before you comment . Don’t make such unacceptable statement and expose your ignorance

    • Ranil Please get rid of such ignorant people from the Cabinet and from the Party. This reflect his Education and whether he is capable of holding such a post. In any case one always thought that he had very little substance in him when he appeared on TV shows before the election. Grow up Minister without jabbering on subjects that you are not competent of

  3. God/s, the Buddha, Muhammad and all help us if this cretin is the ‘Education Minister’. He needs to get an education himself first.

    Removing a child from his mother because? Getting HIV because they sleep on the same bed? Is this man a fool?

  4. Education director is the one who has decided that mother has HIV, but doctors haven’t proved it. what a joke! Minister don’t you have a small brain to understand this before you make public comments. It seems like you are working towards protecting your votes. Keep in mind you loose your credibility from entire world.

  5. This idiot is our minister of education????? Who on earth will publically say statements like this even if the mother was HIV positive. At present the whole country is trying to sort the child’s problem and this idiotic minister is messing things further. It is better for this jockey to keep his bbllllllll………do mouth shut. period.

    • This bugger should be kicked out of his office for being moron and violating rights of this mother and child. where is UNICEF, SAVE the Children, Child Fund, SOS Villages boasting and collecting billions of money from doners to save the children from this type of haresments.

  6. I can’t believe this is our education minister. This our people’s fault to send this kind of irresponsible people to the parliament.

  7. Did our minister buy his degree ? Talk about human rights and rehabilitation. I wonder what the UNHRC will have to say

    Well done yahapalanaya. A education minister a higher education minister and many more clowns will drag this government down.

    Let’s laugh with the world.

    I hope the minister will apologize to this family.

  8. HIV does not get effect when sleeping with the mother or any one else, it gets thru blood transfusions I think this minister doesn’t know much about HIV, and also who the hell the director of education.I think both should learn more about HIV.

  9. These are the caliber of ministers we have. Absolute moron. Does not understand anything whatsoever about HIV.
    Hopefully the media will pulverise this uneducated minister for education of his complete lack of understanding of a situation between a mother and son. This will be the first person in the world as a leader of a country to make a such a idiotic statement.

  10. As you seem to have no knowledge about HIV, your most ignorant comment can be pardoned. But Mr. Minister, what provides provision to separate a child from his/her mother because the mother has HIV?
    I thought you are a lawyer!

    • He a lawyer? Perhaps one of the few briefless ones who ended up in politics. Had he had a thriving law practice, chances are he would not have entered politics!!!!

  11. One never go in public and discuss this type if a sensitive subject given the social stigma attached to the issue. As a minister this fool should not be talking as to how the father died of aids and mother is contracted with aids. He is not a qualified medical professional to make such claims in public. He is invading this victim family’s privacy.

    Bunch of moans.

  12. seriously!!!!!!!!???
    what kind of ministers are these idiots? why so much grief for this family?
    Im disgusted at how SL handle this situation.

  13. This minister should be kicked out of his office for being a moron and violating rights of this mother and child.

    Where is UNICEF, SAVE the Children, Child Fund, SOS Villages boasting and collecting billions of money from donners to save the children from this type of harassment. Where is NCPA?

    No doubt whole world will think all Sri Lankans are idiots like him as he is the education minister. What a shame. Referring this kind of statements from our brainless ministers anybody can interfere our internal affairs.

  14. This brainless moron charged with Education? Who on earth gave this bum the idea a child sleep next to a mother with the kind of infection she is alleged to have would contact the same? This fool needs an education first before he could be in charge of the nation”s education!

    Poorly educated politicians MUST learn to shut up when they have no clue of matters.



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