Palaly airport to be a regional airport not international

PalalyThe Government says the Palaly airport in Jaffna will be converted into a regional airport and not an international airport.

Minister of Resettlement D.M. Swaminathan said that the Government wants to ensure the war displaced are given homes and resettled soon.

He told war displaced families in Kopai that the Government wants to have flights between India and Sri Lanka to operate from Jaffna.

He insisted that the Government has no plans to convert Palaly into an international airport and see more families in the North being displaced. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. The need to resettle the people is of utmost importance. All their lands should be given back as it is rightly theirs. For the immediate – the airport can be a regional facility.

    But it can be developed into an international facility capable of handling aircraft like Boeing 777 / A330 or A350.00 eventually. There will be sufficient traffic to handle flights to Europe/ North America from Colombo i.e Colombo – Jaffna – Europe and return. Today various models of the A320/ B737 can also handle regional traffic to South East Asia/ Gulf. I believe the commericla potential is there. Once the land issue is resolved amicably, the long terms project can go through. You can even consider a new facility. But nothing should be built at the expense of the people who lost their lands.


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