Individual shot dead in Katana by gunmen on motorbike

shootAn individual was shot dead in Katana by gunmen on motorbike this morning, the police said.

The police said the shooting took place in the Kochchikade area in Katana. The victim was a 41 year old man.


  1. Since 2015 January 9 th country become lawless and rule of law violated by Prime-Minister, Ministers and Government MPs by misusing state power.
    There is no law prevailing in every nook and corner of Sri Lankan society.
    No that centre of enforcement authority working on .Politiacl and gangs killing being daily routine of life. Civilians are powerless ,Police is not at any point of security of Sri lanka.

    PM has misusing all Police power and taken powers to his custody, President become powerless not any Police Judiciary and other Independent commissions are working without PM directives.

    UNP headquarter giving directives to Courts and Judges by over the Intern and phone calls. Country become lawless ,economy is uncertain ,poor become more poor than past one year and two months political corruptions being rampaged.

    No body accountability for run nation, that only TNA and JVP behind run that day to day run affairs of ruling governances that we call “good governances”.


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