Demo in Jaffna seeking release of all political prisoners

jailA demonstration was staged in Jaffna today seeking the release of all political prisoners arrested under the Prevention of Terrorism Act.

The demonstration took place as some 14 Tamil prisoners at the Welikada Magazine prison staged a hunger strike for the ninth day today.

Civil society members, politicians and relatives of the political prisoners participated in the demonstration.

A Tamil detainee who was freed from prison this week also joined the demonstration. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. I have completed six months living in Jaffna. Based on my research still Indians and the Westerners are thinking for Tamils. It has been very disappointing reality to me. Tamils can have more freedom when they start to think for themselves. If we give them more than what they deserve, it will be used against innocent people. We can’t afford to let it happen again, especially after three decades of brutal civil war.

    I feel sorry for those young prisoners. Because nobody is there to guide them. Therefore, releasing those young prisoners may backfire on the government. The Tamil leaders must be blamed for their suffering, not the government or the defense forces. Not only the Sri Lankan government, but the entire Asia must watch the Tamil leaders very carefully.


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