Forming of new political party by MR group will go ahead

Mahinda MRThe forming of a new political party by Sri Lanka Freedom Party members supporting former President Mahinda Rajapaksa will go ahead despite pressure against the move from the party, a joint opposition member said.

Sri Lanka Freedom Party member Dilum Amunugama, who was removed from his party organiser post today, said that such pressure will not deter the decision to form a new political party.

He said that Sri Lanka Freedom Party members in the joint opposition will continue to raise their objections to the actions of the Government on various issues.

Amunugama said that the need to form a new political party comes following a request made by the supporters of the Sri Lanka Freedom Party.

He claimed that most Sri Lanka Freedom Party members are unhappy with the decision taken by the Sri Lanka Freedom Party to work with the United National Party.

Amunugama said that the new party organisers appointed by the Sri Lanka Freedom Party today will only help the United National Party at the next election.

He said that most of those appointed were defeated by the public at the last Parliamentary election while those elected have been rejected by the party leadership. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. We don’t need a political party, but a decent think tank. We can only be successful through a good strategy. Some people are happy to see MR in the current situation. Please do not rejoice when your fellow countrymen fall. If you do, it will show your humanity and professionalism.

    It does not matter who fell, whether the LTTE or the Rajapaksas. They are human beings, and your fellow countrymen. When I was in Australia I tried my best to guide the LTTE and the Tamil leaders, in order to save Tamil People and defense forces, but the LTTE’s leadership and the Tamil leaders didn’t listen to me. Between 2010-2012 I also tried my best to guide MR through Sri Lankan High Commission in Ottawa when I was in Canada. But the Rajapaksas didn’t listen to me either. I even wrote to the Chinese leaders through the Chinese Embassy in Wellington when I was in New Zealand. I emphasized to the Chinese leaders how important to guide MR, but nothing happened. The West has done a tremendous job to isolate me. The West makes sure that Asians won’t have access to knowledge. Tamils and Sinhalese couldn’t use my knowledge, because they listen to people who are approved by the West. I don’t think the current government can benefit from my knowledge either. This has to change. Therefore, we need a meaningful ‘Think Tank’ to guide Sri Lankans, especially Tamils. The failure of the LTTE and the Rajapaksas are clear evidence that we need to create a meaningful and effective think tank for Sri Lankans. If we continue to listen to foreign approved leaders we will continue to betray our people.

    • Dear Jay Gunasekara,

      Having a meaningful and effective Think Tank is totally different from symbolic Think Tank. The country has been fighting since the independence. Noticeably it was the Asia’s longest brutal civil war. Above all, the President who finished the war has been facing all kinds of accusation. How Friday Forum has been guiding former President MR for the last five years?

      You are proudly talking about the Friday Forum. Even the name doesn’t seem a knowledgeable Think Tank. The members can’t even think for an attractive name for their Think Tank. How can they think for the country? Friday Forum is a good name for a group of people who meet on Fridays in a church or temple to relax 🙂


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