Believers in Glass social movement launched in Sri Lanka

IMG_0391A social movement urging people to shift to glass “Believers in Glass” was launched ceremoniously in Colombo. The intention of all these initiatives is to create awareness about why glass is good and make people use glass in their day to day lives, simply because glass is the best choice for a sustainable lifestyle. The movement launched the website – A website to educate people about glass, which includes interesting news about the history of glass, its evolution, varieties and breath taking art applications of glass.

A conversation has been started on social media with a Facebook page and YouTube channel that features Mr. Glass and animated videos that say “Food loves glass. So should we”. This Facebook page has guaranteed positive impact attracting over 5,000 followers in a very short period of time. This ultimately proves that “glass is the best” and that the glass trend is viral.

In the developed world, people and communities are moving back to glass as their preferred form of packaging and storage for all kinds of food, medicine and liquor. In fact, world class hotels and restaurant chains serve water and spirits only in glass as a commitment to their customers and communities at large. Many rituals associated with wine drinking and single malt drinking have glass as an integral part of the ritual.

“Even spirits and wines prefer glass” says Mr. Glass. There is recognition that glass is a superior form of packaging. The one and only conclusion that can be made here is that what’s premium simply comes in glass.

As Mr. Glass, the mascot of the movement explained, “Food loves glass. Whether it’s pickle, strawberries, oranges or tomatoes, they all feel safe, healthy, tasty and they last longer in glass”. As such it’s the unique properties of glass that makes it safer for food. Glass is a perfect barrier to external factors like germs and even the sunlight, keeping the food inside safe. Glass retains the original texture of food. It also keeps the freshness, the juicy nature and the crunchiness of the food. Glass is the best option available to preserve food as it prevents food spoilage and simply makes your food last longer.

We see this shift to glass starting from the housewives to large scale business entrepreneurs. The unique properties and features of glass have made it distinctively preferable for food, making it the best packaging solution available. This provided the base for the movement “Believers in Glass”.

According to Dr. A.A.P Keerthi “In many countries there is data to suggest that the wrong forms of packaging can actually contaminate and even poison food. In these wrong packaging forms leaching takes place and chemicals from the packaging mixes with the food thus poisoning it. Glass does not contain harmful chemicals and is a guaranteed safe form of food packaging. In Sri Lanka, we are still building data and information regarding the positive benefits of using glass versus other forms of packaging”.

It’s time to make a change, join the community and believe in glass.


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