Kerry tells Mangala US happy with reconciliation efforts

Kerry MangalaThe United States has hailed the reconciliation efforts of the Sri Lankan government in the past year saying it has been very impressive.

US Secretary of State John Kerry, speaking to reporters after meeting with his Sri Lankan counterpart Mangala Samaraweera, said that Sri Lanka has taken very impressive continuing steps towards reconciliation.

Kerry said that his meeting with Samaraweera was taking place on the eve of a Strategic Dialogue with Sri Lanka, which will be led by US Under Secretary Tom Shannon.

“Their efforts to try to address the regional issues, and most importantly, to make peace in their own country are very, very significant. And we really welcome you here,” Kerry said.

Samaraweera, who is in Washington to attend the US-Lanka strategic dialogue, said the relationship between the two countries has elevated recently.

“And that is why I’m looking forward for the inaugural meeting of the U.S.-Sri Lanka Partnership Dialogue, which I’m sure will go – which will further strengthen and broaden the relationship between our two countries,” he said. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. Can’t give too much freedom to Tamils, because Indians and the West are thinking for Tamils. Tamils can have freedom when they start to think for themselves.

    • Well you haven’t been able to come to grip with it yet Antany. Have you got a job or are you still living off my and other kiwis tax money. Have to hand it to you know how to get a good scam going ha!
      By the way my opinion of Kerry is he just a another phony as his face plastic surgery face.

  2. Kerry doesn’t know what reconciliation means. These politicians have forked tongue. It is the Tamil people who have to decide whether to take reconciliatory steps with the Sinhalese when they are treated alike. There won’t be any reconciliation until the basic demands of the Tamil people are met. The political prisoners have started hunger strike again. The government is using 130,000 army personnel stationed in the North to grab private lands. Large number of displaced Tamil people are still languishing in camps, who are bring refused to be resettled in their own lands. The government has not categorically stated as yet as to how it is going to devolve power to the North and East. The people have the right to determine their future and in that process a referendum for the North and East is best way to deal with it.

    “This is wisdom: When you are aware of what you know, to maintain that you know it ; and when you do not, to acknowledge your ignorance.” according to Confucius.

  3. The West is unbelievably good in imposing its interests through trade, moral high ground, divide and conquer strategy and through soft power such as providing funds for projects, offering university scholarships and accepting refugees.

    However, Asians are not good as the West, particularly not good as the British and the Americans. Even the Germans have failed to be on top. Russian are struggling. To be on top you need wisdom and experience. The British got wisdom and experience from the Roman Empire. The Americans got it from the British. That is why when the Americans and British come together they come as the mighty power. Japanese never had, because their history clearly doesn’t indicate that. The Chinese don’t have it either, because their present behavior in the South China Sea clearly highlights this reality. You may think what about Indians. Forget it, they don’t even have basic sanitation, but few our leaders believe in the Indian Superpower 🙂

    • Hi high moral man if you so upset with the West what are you doing in New Zealand. Ah are you admitting to the fact “beggar’s cant be chooser” Its ok we the tax payer in New Zealand will chuck some dollars at you have a comparable life.

      Still haven got a call from Haig can you look in to it. Or are you busy prosecuting Rajapaksa clan?

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