Ex Maldives VP accused of getting Lankan sniper to assassinate Yameen

64K8678-1200x545_cDetained former Maldives Vice President Ahmed Adeeb had brought in a Sri Lankan sniper to assassinate Maldives President Abdulla Yameen in October, the Maldives Independent quoted Maldives Home Minister Umar Naseer as saying.

Speaking to the press today, Naseer also said that an inquiry into a blast on President Abdulla Yameen’s speedboat had revealed that an explosive device was prepared for a May Day rally and that the case involved the former vice president.

Adeeb remains the main suspect in the blast on Yameen’s speedboat in September, Naseer said. The alleged assassination plot has plunged the country into fresh crisis, with a purge of the security forces and discovery of massive embezzlement from state coffers.

Naseer, who heads the national inquiry commission on the boat blast, linked the September blast with the May Day plot and said: “All these instructions came from the same person, on the instructions of Ahmed Adeeb.”

He also alleged that Adeeb had brought in a Sri Lankan sniper to assassinate Yameen in October when the president escaped unharmed from the boat blast. Only First Lady Fathimath Ibrahim and two aides suffered minor injuries.

Naseer said that forensic analysis links the presidential speedboat bomb with a second bomb found near the statehouse and a third bomb found in a cache of weapons submerged on a reef in November. He also claimed that the presidential speedboat bomb had been at a luxury government flat Adeeb owned at the Rehendhi complex.

“I am confident the prosecutor general will press terrorism charges against Adeeb,” he added. The NIC had gathered enough evidence to win the case against the former vice president, he said.

A total of eight individuals are in police custody over the blast, the commission said. Some, including three arrested over the sniper plot, have been released. (Colombo Gazette)


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