Hartal in Vavuniya over rape and murder of teen

vavuniyaA hartal was staged in Vavuniya today in protest over the rape and murder of a teenager last week.

An autopsy conducted on the teen found dead in a house in Vavuniya revealed that she was raped and murdered.

The 14 year old girl was found hanging from the neck with the help of a saree inside the house last week.

Investigations into the death had been launched and a post-mortem examination was conducted on the body of the victim.

The post-mortem examination found that the teen had been sexually abused and murdered. The police have launched investigations to identify the culprits. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. How hartal will help to solve the issue?Culprits are Tamils, born for Tamil parents, studied in Tamil schools and most likely grew up as Hindus. Parents, teachers and religious leaders have failed to raise decent citizens. What is the point in having hartal to blame the legal system and police? Blame yourselves first.


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