Nearly 130 people killed in Syria

ap516064927319Nearly 130 people were killed on Sunday in a series of bombings in Syria.

The attacks hit neighborhoods in cities of Damascus and Homs — and they came as Secretary of State John Kerry announced a preliminary ceasefire.

In the early afternoon, explosions from two car bombs ripped through a residential neighborhood in Homs. This is a pro-Assad area, the attack was clearly anti-government and ISIS has claimed responsibility.

A few hours later in suburban Damascus several more bombs went off. ISIS said it planted them too.

Friday’s ceasefire deadline — proposed by the U.S. and Russia — came and went with no pause in the fighting.

Though all sides say they are still willing to negotiate a temporary truce.

This weekend President Bashar al-Assad said it publicly in an interview: “Definitely, and we announced that we’re ready.”

But he doesn’t trust the opposition fighters to lay down their arms and they certainly don’t trust him.

So the war grinds on.

Around Syria’s biggest city, Aleppo, Russian planes and the Syrian army are battling together in a huge offensive designed to cut off the opposition’s supply lines.

And at the moment they’re winning, which is one more reason the Syrian government may be dragging its heels on a truce.

But the pressure is building. President Obama is to speak with Russian President Vladimir Putin in the coming days to come up with some limited pause in the violence. (Courtesy CBS)