Attempt to destabilise Modi Government

ModiAt a time when the NDA government is facing criticism on multiple fronts, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday said conspiracies were being hatched to destabilise his government.

“Some people remain occupied with only mission of criticising my government from morning to evening. They could not digest the simple fact as to how a tea vendor went on to become Prime Minister. This has not gone down well with them,” said Mr. Modi addressing a massive farmer rally at the western Odisha town of Bargarh on Sunday.

“Besides, I have done something which has made life difficult for many. Corrupts could no more indulge in fraudulent activities. Those who were involved in corruption became very angry with me. When I started seeking accountability from Non-Government Organisations, they all got united and turned against me,” he said.

Mr. Modi carried on that “you tell me if it is wrong to demand accounts of funds coming from foreign soil. The country needs to be informed about income and expenditure. It is all written in the law book. But ever since I started asking accountability, their only aim is how to finish Modi, how to destabilise Modi government and how to throw muck on Modi”.

“But I want to make it clear that you have elected me to save the country from these vices. I won’t deviate from the aim you have sent me for. I am not going to stop or get tired. There is no question of bowing down either,” the Prime Minister maintained.

“I know why they are rattled and what is pinching these people. But we will not let the country bow down and get destroyed,” he said amidst thunderous applauds from audience.

Earlier, Mr. Modi said the urea lobby, especially chemical industries, had got angry when he eliminated the scope of black-marketing. “In 2014, many Chief Ministers used to write letters regarding scarcity of urea for farmers. Some even sent very frequently. But in 2015, I did not get any letter from any CM on this issue. My government decided to supply neem-coated urea which became unusable for chemical industries. Thus hoarding and black marketing stopped,” Prime Minister pointed out. (Courtesy The Hindu)


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