Sangakkara turns down High Commissioner post

Kumar-SangakkaraFormer  Sri Lanka cricket captain Kumar Sangakkara has turned down an invitation to be the Sri Lanka’s High Commissioner to the United Kingdom.

President Maithripala Sirisena had made the offer to Sangakkara when he retired from all forms of cricket last year.

Sangakkara had been taken by surprise when the offer was made and wanted time to think about it.

He has now said that he is unable to accept the post owing to other commitments. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. Sanga is truly a gentleman. Unlike some leaders who call themselves running a good governance government; but offers diplomatic position to sportsman who do not have diplomatic experience or knowledge of international affairs. Remember those leaders promised to clean up the foreign services; but who they appointed recently as the High Commissioner for the UK office? Do you believe that those leaders can make this country as Singapore? If you believe this you would believe anything.

    I am not saying that MR is perfect. However, we have to guide MR; otherwise we will continue to lose leaders. Tamils are screwed by eliminating their own leaders. This is what the West, India and China want, in order to implement their interests. I have lived in four continents and traveled to more than 25 countries. And I have read more than 300 books by spending more than 10,000 hours. But how many Tamils acknowledge my knowledge? This is a bloody disaster for Tamils. Politically speaking Tamils are father less, nobody is their to even ask them to publish my writings to enlighten them.


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