Shivaji calls for process with India, US, EU, UN mediation

ShivajiTamil National Alliance, Northern Provincial Council member M K Shivajilingam has called for a political solution for the Tamils to be created through a negotiated process between Sinhalese and Tamil leaders mediated by India, USA and the EU along with the UN.

He said that the mediating parties can function as witnesses and guarantors to the implementation of the solution.

Shivajilingam made the proposal in his submission made to the Public Representations Committee on Constitutional Reforms during its hearing in Jaffna yesterday.

“The Tamil people in the island of Sri Lanka have been struggling for their political rights for about 70 years without any solution to their grievances. More than two-hundred thousand people have been killed in the struggle. In order to achieve permanent peace in the island, it is essential that the Tamils’ grievances are addressed and resolved. A strong flawless unassailable political system of equal treatment, opportunity, and power to all its peoples, will ensure a permanent, sustainable, and peaceful solution to the long conflict in the country. To achieve this, a credible, trustworthy, and honorable process is an absolute necessity; hence, a process with the involvement, assistance, and assurance from India, USA, EU, and the UN is important and required,” he said in his proposal.

Shivajilingam said that a new constitution that offers each region the utmost autonomy which can ensure all its peoples equal-treatment, equal-opportunity, and equal-power without any preferential treatment to any specific people, should be implemented.

“The Tamil people shall continue to have the right to self-determination. At the end of 5 years from the Agreement or at any time, the Tamil people shall be entitled to a UN monitored Referendum should the Govt. of Sri Lanka fail to implement the agreement, or the Tamil people consider it to be necessary to conduct the Referendum to determine their political future,” he added.

He says the proposed system of Government should be sharing of power between the Central and the States, and called “Union of Sri Lanka” and the power should be devolved to the greatest extent possible, and that unless and otherwise explicitly delegated, all powers should rest with the States.

“The State for the Tamils shall be the contiguous North-East region consisting of traditional Tamil areas. It will ensure equality among its citizens, and treat all its peoples including the Sinhalese equal without any discrimination. It will be a secular State,” he added.

He noted that in the new Constitution each State should have veto power on any issues that require voting but the veto can be challenged by the Federal Unit by conducting Referendum in that State on the issue concerned. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. He is another STUPID …politically bankrupt….hardliner such as Wimal and Gamanpila within Tamil people…he must be sent home or to prison by the people…

    • i am sure tamil people will send him to jail on a day they see Sinhala people send Wimal and Gamanpila to jail… are the elder brother, show us the path and lead the way.

  2. this man is thinking north east mater as a whole world problems. there are many issues in the world needs to settle in priority and urgently. only looking around the world will delay the solution and divide the people for ever. this is the last opportunity to come together and find durable and acceptable and respectable solution sit all the people in the country not just internationalized the matter for ever. if we do not make this to happen under current prime minister ,just forget all of you future of this nation.

  3. I feel Tamil Nadu is the right place for all the world Tamils including our own Sri Lankan Tamils. Because the name Tamil Nadu which is Tamil Nation says it all.
    Tamils must not look beyond Tamil Nadu because no place on earth ( India included) is called after it’s speaking language except Tamil Nadu.
    I therefore implore the world Tamils to take refuge in Tamil Nadu where all Tamils will be comfortable talking Tamil without let or hindrance by other non Tamil communities.

  4. yes keep running to everyone. no brains to do it your selves. may be he thinks these white folk and indians have better intellect than us.
    what a frigging idiot who has no integrity or beleif in his own intellect and ability


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