President Sirisena leaves for Germany on official visit

MaithripalaPresident Maithripala Sirisena left for Germany this morning on an official visit. During his visit to Germany the President is expected to secure economic and development benefits for Sri Lanka, the President’s office said.

A special ceremony will be held under the patronage of German Chancellor Angela Merkel to welcome the President on February 17.

President Sirisena is scheduled to visit the German Parliament and to meet representatives of the German Parliament. Subsequent to that the President is expected to held bilateral discussions with the German Foreign Minister.

A special discussion between the President and the German Economic Affairs Minister is also scheduled to be held.

Germany is one of the economically powerful member States of the European Union and one of the largest export economies in the world.

After concluding the 2-day visit to Germany the President will leave for Austria on February 19.

The President of Austria, Heinz Fischer, will warmly welcome the President. The President is expected to have talks with a high level Austrian delegation including with the Austrian President.

During the visit to Austria the President is also scheduled to meet the Austrian business community. The aim of the tour is to further collaborate and strengthen the relations between the two countries. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. Hope he will change his attire to proper cloths just as what Ranil is wearing.
    Please tell Angela that we are willing to give at least 1000 Syrian refugees refuge in Sri Lanka where their resettlement could be financed by Germany.
    Allocate a decent place in Colombo where they could be productive and help our economy. Like the good old China towns we could also have Syrian town in the island that would add a bit of glamour and spice to our lives. This would demonstrate that Sri Lankans are tolerant and accommodating and carering.We must not allow any extremist or Jihadists in the country.

  2. Laughing stock of the world……..IS THIS A LEADER…? Even Geneva was surprised when this dog gave up sovereignty and agreed to foreign judges !! ANOTHER DOG BORN TO THE MISFORTUNE OF SRI LANKA…………IF MAHINDA HAD GIVEN HIM MAHAWALI MINISTRY, would this dog have uttered a word ….? …..somebody help the dog by telling the dog that a jacket doesnt cover the dog …TOTAL JOKE !

  3. President and the Prime Minister are travelling one after the other. Double tragedy on the public money. Cannot the Foreign Minister meet his counterparts in those countries rather than these two wasting our money? Making hay while the sun shines?

  4. German government can obtain economy advice from the Sirisena ,At present German economy is gradually going to hell there for Sirisena’s visit good opportunity for Germany

  5. He is looking for investors, so far could not get one. I am waiting to buy a Sri Lankan made Volkswagen. Have they started manufacturing?


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