Mangala to brief US on progress towards sustainable peace

MangalaForeign Minister Mangala Samaraweera is to visit the US next week where he will brief US officials on the progress made in the reconciliation process.

Samaraweera will attend a discussion at the US Institute of Peace on February 25, co-sponsored by the Heritage Foundation, on how the initiatives to advance reconciliation, post-conflict development and stronger democratic institutions are progressing.

Samaraweera told the U.N. Human Rights Council in September 2015 that the Government fully recognizes that “the process of reconciliation involves addressing the broad areas of truth-seeking, justice, reparations and non-recurrence.”

The Foreign Minister will offer an update on the progress towards sustainable peace in Sri Lanka, including plans for economic development. The remarks will be followed by a moderated discussion and a question-and-answer period with the audience.

Nisha Biswal, the US Assistant Secretary of State for South and Central Asian Affairs will also attend the event. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. Singing the National Anthem is Tamil during the last minute of the celebrations is the progress towards reconciliation according to Mr.Samaraweera. Mr.Samaraweera, you could cheat the International community but not the Tamil people.

  2. Sellam is absolutely right. Just singing is not the point. Also, the Tamil people must realize that if they want a united Sri Lanka they have to give up the undercurrent agenda they are driving just for separation without consideration for the fact that the Tamils who choose to live in Sri Lanka amicably with the Sinhalese are allowed to live in peace. The Diaspora has cheated and lied their way for economic reasons and sadly Tamils have no problem twisting the truth and using every opportunity to get ahead. That is what angers the people inside the country. Singing the anthem, some parts of it that was out of tune and pitch doesn’t mend the wounds. The Tamils also must come half way. When the Chief Minister talks disparagingly of the majority community, they have to be naive to think that they will not be despised for it. Remember the security forces saved many of your people. We the Sinhalese including myself took care of Tamils during riots where some of the thugs that looted were led by Tamil gang leaders. But do we hear one good word from your people. NO. All we hear is that you want separation and you want everything with nothing for the majority community. The International community can be cheated but that cheating is done by the Tamil Diaspora who are pushing the political agenda using power hungry short sighted Sinhalese Politics. Disgusting to say the least. We cant even associate our Tamil friends without thinking that behind them is the shadow of hatred against us. We are aware that if roles are reversed, none of your people will stand by us the Sinhalese. That has been made clear to us upfront even by those who we have helped because they fear the backlash from their own Tamil people. So how can we have reconciliation.

  3. I am a peace loving Sri Lankan who lived and worked among Sinhalese. So do some of my siblings who presently live in the South. We personally never had any discord with Sinhalese. That is entirely different from the experience of the majority of Tamils who happened to live inTamil areas all of their life, having to face a pernicious war for thirty years. Peoples’ feelings and mentality are shaped by their positive and negative experiences in the society. Tamils have had very negative experience of non-inclusion, social and economic marginalization, especially in the last thirty years. This government which received the support of the Tamils has flip flopped on the promise of genuine reconciliation, release of Tamil prisoners and the release of lands to the owners although promises after promises were made in the media and front of microphone. President, PM and Foreign minister are not walking their talk. Don’t blame Mr. Wigneswaran for his stand, because he is answerable to the people of the North. He is advocating on their behalf at the personal sacrifice of goodwill among his Sinhalese family members. He is really putting his community first over his family! This government did not even continue some of the development work started by the Rajapakse government. It came to power blaming MR for being slow on reconciliation after winning the war. What makes this government go slow when they have inherited a war free country? Singing national anthem in Tamil is not new, it has been happening for the last five decades in schools, functions, and public ceremonies. Today’s politicians are making a mountain out of a mole hill.

  4. Tamils have made serious mistakes in the past; but still not rectifying the issues. They joined with India and took arms against Sinhalese; then joined with the West and turned against Indians as well. Tamils don’t know what they are doing, because they don’t respect or value their intellectuals. Tamils need a decent think tank to guide them; but the foreign powers and Tamil leaders won’t allow this to happen. Tamils can’t move forward until their leaders change. Sinhalese leaders are changing; but Tamil leaders are not seeing their weaknesses. This shows the local and diaspora leaders’ inability to move forward. After so many years the government has allowed to sing National Anthem in Tamil; but what Tamils have done something significant to move forward. Jaffna University runs by Sinhalese tax payers. But how many Tamil lecturers and students say a good thing about the Sinhalese people’s generosity. Sri Lanka is in a strategic location in the Indian Ocean. If the leaders were smart enough they could have developed the country. If the leaders done smart things; we can all travel to any country freely as Singaporeans; instead of fleeing as refugees.

  5. US has one of the worst human right abuses since WW2 alongside with UK. Afterall their TV channel CNN will show a completely different story so they expect world to believe it. There will be a day US is facing for what they have done in so called ‘peacekeeping wars’, therefore US should stay away from Sri Lankan issues.


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