Cases filed on 778 people during crackdown on dengue

DengueCases have been filed on 778 people during a crackdown launched by the Ministry of Health on the spread of dengue in the Western Province and seven identified districts.

The Health Ministry said that during a three day program which ended yesterday officials were able to identify several mosquito breeding grounds.

Accordingly notice was issued on 5656 people and cases were filed against 778 people for having mosquito breeding grounds in their property.

During the program, officials had found a number of mosquito breeding grounds in Colombo, the Health Ministry said today.

The pregame was carried out in the Western Province and in the Kegalle, Jaffna, Vavuniya, Putalam, Batticaloa, Kurunegala and Ampara districts. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. This is all bullshit. The authorities are trying to put the blame on public on the accusation of having breeding grounds for mosquitoes on the gutters of the roof, leaves of rampe plants, etc. The authorities are sleeping in their jobs without attending to cleaning of drains on sideways, unattended marshes, etc. It is time some legal luminacaries malking millions of bucks in defending the unsavoury elements of society and free educated doctors get together and force the authorities legally to find an everlasting solution to eradivcate dengue at roots like what was done in the past for malaria. If the public officers looked after by the mosquito repellant producers to not to initiate a public program to eradicate mosquitoes are brought to justice and if the ministry is forced to bring in the spraying facilties for dengue we could have a country fre of dengue. Remember as a small island in the Indian Ocean with limited entry we can prevent a lot of deceases invading us if we act intelligently.


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