US to promote investigative journalism in Sri Lanka

shutterstock_110345888The US has decided to give a grant of USD 500,000 to organisations in Sri Lanka that will promote investigative journalism and build the capacity of journalists in the country, the Press Trust of India reported.

The objective of such a massive grant, the State Department said, is to increase the capacity of Sri Lankan media and strengthened investigative journalism. The grant would not be given to journalists directly but to the organisations which can work with them to help meet this objective.

As such, the State Department’s Bureau of Democracy, Human Rights and Labor has sought proposals from organisations for activities that focus on building the capacity of journalists to provide quality, impartial reporting across a variety of media platforms with a special emphasis on investigative journalism.

Recognising that long-term sustainability should also include training and support for media outlets, the State Department wants the proposals to incorporate activities that provide training for editors on advanced journalism, including how to support investigative journalism efforts, along with roundtable discussions with editors and/or media owners on how to encourage and enhance quality journalism.

“A key outcome of these activities should include increased coverage on reconciliation and transitional justice activities in the country,” the State Department said.

In a statement, the State Department said strong consideration will be given to proposals that work to facilitate interaction among journalists and media institutions in the north/east and south as well as proposals that include an emphasis on women journalists. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. The West’s influence in Sri Lanka is increasing. Can the West do the same in Singapore? The West was facilitating the brutal civil war indirectly for decades. Now it has been given too much room to play their game in the name of democracy and human rights. Tamils are lining up to get funds from the West in the name of development projects, even though the West fooled Tamils in the name of Eelam. Recently, I was asked to write a project proposal for the Western country by a well known organisation in Jaffna. I have spoken to the so called “Tamil leaders” and saw their resumes. Their resumes just little better than Emil Kanthan’s. Nevertheless, very limited to political knowledge and international affairs. The West can spin them with little fingers. Whether giving grants through the Western Embassies or NGO’s or accepting Tamils as refugees is all about expanding the Western soft power. But Tamil leaders don’t have the knowledge to understand the Western games. Regrettably, China is weak in expanding its soft-power through local agencies and people compare to the West.


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