Mahinda ready to slit his throat if allegations are proven

Mahinda RajapaksaFormer President Mahinda Rajapaksa says he is ready to slit his throat if allegations that he has millions of US Dollars hidden in foreign accounts are proven.

Rajapaksa said this when he opened his new office in Battaramulla today.

Foreign Minister Mangala Samaraweera had last year claimed that the Rajapaksas hold assets worth over USD 18 billion in foreign countries.

Rajapaksa said that if the allegations are true then evidence to that effect must be put forward.

He said that allegations have been raised against his son Namal Rajapaksa while another son, Yoshitha Rajapaksa, has been put in remand prison.

The former President said that he will not comment on the case on his son Yoshitha Rajapaksa as it is before court but he was surprised that the Prime Minister’s office was releasing statements regarding the case. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. They say it is the Rajapakse Family , so let us see Whether it is M, B, G,N, Y, R, or S and the In laws, M might have Nil bank account, but we know the family has amassed a lot of money looking at the begining

  2. I often wonder as to what is happening to Mahinda Rajapakse, the former president. Having been rejected by people twice, he appears to be doing or saying things to attract attention.

    I saw photos of him with his “head down-legs up” yoga mode. Yesterday, I saw a photo of him “floating” on sea at Tangalle.” Usually, a desparate man does these. And today, I read that he has said “He will slit his throat”.

    He broke 100,000 coconuts and said he will collect 1,000,000 signatures.

    Psychologists agree that people who behave like this have a psychological problem leading to suicide.

    Is there any volunteer to help him out?

  3. when he was in Parliment as a labour minister almost 15-20 years back to send workers to Korea he took underhand money out of one person 3 lakh Sri Lanka rupees. Since those days he was corrupted. After he became as a president during his 9 years period how much he and his family earned Billions of US$$

    • You did not get him Arun. what is he saying to the goverment of SL can not prove those allegations dump on him and he is so an soo much sure about it.

  4. I will be your best friend who will sever your head instantly with the sword ,if you perform Hara Kiri , in Japanese style.

  5. He’s crazy as he is the one who went blabbering about it being political revenge when he son got arrested for a genuine money laundering case where even he can’t confirm from where they managed to get 300 odd million to form CSN. and when the PM’s office clarifies that this is a genuine case he has a stupid comment to make about it too..he is one of the most deceiving politicians of all time for sure as he will bullshit his way through all the crimes and a part of the fools of this country believes this man still.

  6. He is again trying to fool Sri Lankan. Yes, he will fool some for sure but not the majority. We know his family stole billions from Sri Lanka. So it does not matter whether money is in his account or in other family members accounts. පුලුවන් නම් කියන්න කියමු “මම මගේ බෙල්ල කපා ගන්නව අපේ පවුල් වල කාගේ හරි බැංකු ගිනුම් වල බිලියන් ගනන් තියනවා කියල පෙන්නුවොත් හරි අපි පහුගිය වසර 10යේ ලොකේ හෝ ලංකාවේ වතු, ගෙවල්, බිස්නස් අරන් තියනවා නම් බිලියන් ගනන් වියදම් කරල.”

  7. මේකේ කමෙන්ට් දාල තියෙන උන් දෙකට නැමිලා පුක හපා ගෙන මරියවූ. තොපි GUNP සක්කිලි වෙන්න ඇති. නැත්නම ඔය තරම් ගුණමකු කාල කන්නි වෙන්න විදිහක් na .Whoever commented here, better to bent and bite their own ass hole. Such idiots should not be in this world. KALAKANNI

    • Only an idoit like you will first have to do that. Majority of the people also liked MR.I used to like him like God. But intelligent people would not agree with his looting methods. Fools would never understand the way he and his family wasted poor tax payer’s money.This is his Karma by nature.No one can stop this.It is coming from supreme force.

  8. Some people in deep hatred will not understand the value of him .it can see since this cospirated regime came into power . Have they done atleast 1%of his work last year compares to what He done . the reply is none . Rajapaksa was cleverly defeated terrorism and brought the country to this level which cannot even imagine to this lot . But it is shame on this lot in feeling to insult him every time .but I’m 100% sure that people are with him . It will not possible to eradicate from the people’s mind .

    • Jayalath,

      And what have you got to say about corruption?
      Problem with you people is that you are too easy.
      SL is a haven for corrupt money-making politicos, thanks to such

  9. Correct thing to say how much i worth now, how much each family member worth now, so you can be clean, not ask others to prove. Not only MR, all old and new parlimentarians and families must declare, bring in an act in parliment. Why no one do this?

  10. Most corrupt leader Sri Lanka ever saw. Two times this corrupt man was kicked out by the majority but thanks to the cowardly easily deceived blind worshippers, this cunning rogue who wasted countries money making an attempt to come back again. To amass more wealth? To escape punishment for the wrong doings? To prepare the future for the rogue fake lawyer? Give another chance to rogue’s wife’s brother to ruin countries national airline? Kill journalists? List goes on. Mr Rajapaksha, thanks for your contribution you made politically to eradicate terrorism. (we don’t believe that you are the one and only who should be given the credit). Country doesn’t need corrupt leaders. Simply get lost Mr Corrupt.

  11. මහින්ද ගැන අගය තෙරෙන්න තව වසර 10ක් වත් යන්න ඔනි ඔය ගරහන සින්හලයන්ට අනිත් ජාති වල අයට කොහොමත් එයා අරහන් නෙ

  12. Please don’t slit your throat, Dollars might pour out instead of blood !

    MR is a great man for saving our motherland but then he lost his way.
    He together with relatives & goons around him, bled the country dry due to unimaginable greed for power & money, murdered people.
    Unfortunately some of the same goons are with the new government.

    Sad story.
    At least the good side he is still safe. Just remember what happened to Shiek Mujibu Rahaman of Bangladesh, the true father of that nation, Gadafi, Sadam Hussen, Marcos to name few.

  13. It is heart breaking to forget what he done to the country . Some people in here must be insane to reject what he done to this country or even trying to tantamount his works . I think he done the most to country than any other done since 1948 , so we must line up to respect him rather insulting . But we cannot make over some people like we cannot straighten the tail of dog . I suppose that is the nature , but if you keep your eyes widely opened while you travel around the country that you would precisely see what he done to this country . Am I right ?

  14. Yes the rogue will know how to hide the money too. All the billions taken are not kept in his name. They are under different peoples name. That is why he is challenging that he will slit his throat if anything can be proved if it is in his name. The government too know about it and that is why FBI is assisting in tracing the trail of the transfer coming out of Sri Lanka. lot of money would have gone out in the name of buying arms during the war when everyone’s attention would have been the war. Also money could have gone by inflated contract payments through chinese companies who did the road and harbour projects. There are many ways he can cheat when the Central Bank and the Treasury was in his pocket. He is trying to fool the vulnerable masses

  15. It is reported that corruption cases against many have been investigated and ready to go for trial. The new Attorney General should commence action and expedite the process.

  16. My Father is not having money in his bank account but he is the leader as well as earner of our family. He deposited all his money in my Mum, Brother ,Sister and my account.

  17. LTTE balu makkas will love to see the end of MR as seen from the comments above. If all the allegations made against him are true, where are the Lamborghinis, gold horses, palaces, helicopters ? At least those things could have been located? After searching his home 3 or 4 times, like that of a common criminal, police did not find any. So much for lies, lies and more lies, still going on thinking people will believe. The West arse licking Colombo set and LTTE sympathisers can go on doing that but true Sri Lankans are grateful to MR for annihilating the savage Tamil terrorists that plagued the country for 30 years. And making SL the fastest developing S Asian country in such a short time (now ground to a halt by the ineffective UNP/Sira).

  18. You Colombians can accuse MR and write comments as if you are best informed of his foreign or hidden bank accounts and can prove them. Understand what is really going on in the affairs in Sri Lanka and instead of seeking vilification and revenge on individuals, consider the grave situation the country is in with interference and the illegal actions of the UN authorities and LTTE supportive or sympathizing organizations all around the world, mainly in the West who have interests n the strategic position of Sri Lanka. Defending your country should be more important than seeking revenge. Pay more attention to that please.

  19. simple maths who is the owner of csn why was the office at presidents house name the investors and where did the money come from total black money….. money laundering if he yoshitha can explain let him scott free no new threats as namal is doing yahapalanaya got sons too how pathtic…

  20. Mr President why not make a statement that you are ready to slit your throat if allegation is proven that your son has millions of US Dollars.

    What is so smart about giving wrongly earned money to your children and sending them to jail? Is it a good leadership or good fatherhood? You let down yourself, your family and your country. Repent and admit the truth, so you may have second chance.

  21. It is only Tamil Diaspora has an income of 1 million dollar income from drug trafficking. During the war, this money was spent for weapons and ships. now this illegal drug money is spent for western powers as a bribe to attack Sri Lanka. As UN is controlled by West, there is no surprise why UN has no interest killing of innocent people in other parts of the world. Also these accusations of “Rajapaksa money” are to hide Tamil Diaspora Drug Trafficking money.


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