Certificate of Absence will not hamper probe on missing

MissingThe Government today told Parliament that the ‘Certificate of Absence’ will not hamper investigations on those reported missing.

Home Affairs Minister Vajira Abeywardena said that the certificate of absence is only a temporary measure.

He said the certificate will help family members of those missing obtain services from Government institutions which requires either a death certificate or other form of accepted documentation.

The Minister said that the proposal to issue a certificate of absence has been given cabinet approval and it is now before the Attorney General.

Families of missing persons who are not convinced of the death of their relatives are eligible to receive the certificate of absence. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. The certificate of absence is not at all necessary,the goverment should accept the fact that all those abducted and surrendered were killed by the soldiers in order to reduce a sizeable amount of tamil population.The goverment should openly ask pardon from the tamil community.If all those who took part in the genocide are not punished severely,never and ever expect reconciliation.Tamils know what happened during the last thirty years,ordinary tamil citizens are not guillible unlike some politicians who have no backbone.


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