LUSH appoints Chulakshi as Brand Ambassador

IMG_9474LUSH, one of the country’s most recognized Skin Clinique’s attributing a state-of-the-art approach appointed Ms. Sri Lanka 2014 Chulakshi Ranathunga as their Brand Ambassador. Setting in line the specialist Clinique’s tagline that focuses on ‘Beauty, Perfection and Confidence’, the event to mark the endorsement by Ms. Sri Lanka 2014 was patronized by LUSH, Directress Sheromi Samaradiwakara who was also joined by a number of laureates and other dignitaries.

Further cementing their stride towards establishing a Skin Clinique that would cater to all types of skin related treatments, LUSH propositions their significance by creating an environment in the form of professional and experienced consultants utilizing the most advanced medical aesthetic equipment within a world-class ambiance. Most importantly the clients walk in to a non-hospital environment where privacy is taken care of.

Commenting on the approach LUSH went with in endorsing Ms. Chulakshi Ranathunga as their Brand Ambassador, Sheromi Samaradiwakara said, “Beauty comes from within, every woman has the right to be beautiful. Today, aesthetic technology has enabled our clients to experience a safe, effective and long lasting treatment and to be perfect and confident in front of others. We wanted to bring this message across to our segment. Therefore, we decided, with Chulakshi having won the Miss Sri Lanka 2014 pageant and as someone who is setting a trend in the women’s fashion and beauty forefront, would be the best icon to deliver our brand promise as she has also been a patron of our clinic for her aesthetic treatments.”

LUSH is equipped with the latest technologies that can be incorporated with in the aesthetic industry and this feature has enabled the establishment to provide clients with the most effective treatments which is not only safe but also long-lasting. Some of these treatments are available for the first time in Sri Lanka through LUSH. The skin clinique is a comprehensive modern treatment centre and a clinic of first choice for expert non surgical treatments including Skin care, variety of Anti Aging treatments, Laser Fat Reduction, Laser Hair removal, Laser Tattoo removal and other Dermatological procedures. The skin care centre is equipped with advanced procedures and a panel of Specialized Doctors.

Speaking about her connection through the endorsement with LUSH, Chulakshi disclosed, “You need to be honest when you are given a role to represent something and you have to be 100% sure about that depiction. I have been a frequent customer to LUSH for the past few months and I have had accumulated a great deal of trust after having noticed the amazing results through the treatments that was done on me. Eventually, LUSH requested my consent to endorse their brand and I was of course, more than happy to represent them.”

Chulakshi also divulged some of the main reasons that further cemented her belief in the company and the treatments that were conducted were the certification of the Clinique through the Ministry of Health and the array of leading consultants who conducted the treatments. The ambiance and the friendly staff also provided LUSH with that personal touch.

“No matter how beautiful you are, small imperfections in your face might get you to lose your confidence when you are in front of others. LUSH is a trusted institute where your needs will be treated with care,” Chulakshi further added.

Dr. Nishantha Pathirana, Consultant Dermatologist and cosmetic laser specialist, explained about the latest technology in medical aesthetic lasers, “Erbium Yag” technology is the latest addition to the armour mentorium of Sri Lankan dermatologists. This is safe and capable of handling number of clinical conditions which were not addressed before.
Dr. T. Sabesan, one of the leading consultant maxillofacial surgeons in the country, went on to explain why beauty has become a growing concern in the country at present. “Everyone has beauty within. There are various treatments available for aesthetic enhancements from simple skin peeling to more complex procedures with proven results. As experienced clinicians, we acquire the best methods of treating our clients’ aesthetic needs, utilizing advanced technology.”

Dr. Thushan Benaragama, a leading plastic surgeon in the island, highlighted about safety measures that are observed and the best results that form up as the prime concerns of any treatment, which could only be assured when treated by professionals.

LUSH offers quality treatment at an affordable price range for a diverse range of skin conditions such as acne, pigmentation, scars, hair reduction, body contouring and various aspects of anti-ageing. Procedures such as skin tightening and skin rejuvenation are designed to enhance ones’ youthful look. Hydra Facial a proven technology used Worldwide, to improve Skin tone and texture is another unique service. A permanent method of Makeup is available for Aesthetic as well as for camouflaging skin lesion which cannot be corrected surgically.

In addition to Lush@Park in Colombo-05, Lush@Capital Battaramulla continues to serve Lush’s existing clients. Both the Cliniques encompass a dynamic team with over 25 years of experience in the Sri Lankan healthcare industry. LUSH was launched in the year 2014 with the intention of introducing a wide array of customized, holistic aesthetic skin care solutions at an affordable price. The addition of the new premises will further enable its philosophy of perfecting those concerned areas of an individual and enhance ones’ beauty, in ways that have not been done before.


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