US seeks $31 million to assist reconciliation efforts in Lanka

State DepartmentThe United States, State Department is seeking $31 million through the White House budget to assist the reconciliation process in Sri Lanka.

The State Department noted that US assistance to Sri Lanka has entered a new era and in the Financial Year 2017, US assistance will be used to strengthen governance, democratic reform, and the rule of law by promoting and protecting human rights, strengthening justice sector institutions, and supporting civil
society organizations.

The State Department said that FY 2017 resources will also be used to encourage reconciliation efforts and support anti-corruption activities.

To help increase economic stability, US assistance will also work to improve economic governance and growth, while supporting livelihoods and promoting trade. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. This is the first step of destroying the harmony in Sri Lanka. Both Sri Lankan President and Prime Minister in their trap now. US has borrowed trillions of dollars from countries such as China to run their country; so why worry about Sri Lanka? In recent months, Sri Lankan government has already spent more than half of this amount to entertain US officials to visit Sri Lanka. Sri lanka should refuse this money.


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