Speaker receives death threats on joint opposition issue

KaruSpeaker Karu Jayasuriya says he received death threats last night over his refusal to recognise the joint opposition as a separate group in Parliament.

The Speaker told Parliament today that he received the threat over the telephone but he was not shaken by the threats and maintains his position on the issue.

Jayasuriya had yesterday refused to recognise the joint opposition as a separate group in Parliament and this led to an uproar in the House.

Joint opposition member Dinesh Gunawardena, speaking in Parliament today, made a fresh appeal for the joint opposition to be recognised as a separate group.

However the Speaker said that six political parties are recognised in Parliament and among the six is the Sri Lanka Freedom Party (SLFP).

He said Sri Lanka Freedom Party had informed him that there is no alternate group in the SLFP.

The Speaker said that he is not in a position to recognise the joint opposition as an independent group as those in the group are elected SLFP Parliamentarians. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. If the joint opposition group is not recognizable, and if it is treacherous to form an opposition group other than SLFP according to President Sirisena and supporters, then what you would call the back-stabbing by Sirisena and others, who while being members of SLFP secretly worked out their way to align with UNP to form this new Government? At present there is no official opposition in Sri Lanka because the TNA is a big supporter of the Government. They support this Government to the extent that they have given up on all the ‘lofty’ promises they made to ameliorate the plight of Tamils whom they represent in Parliament. This government without an effective opposition party absolutely needs an effective opposition in Parliament, other wise the absolute power they wield is going to bring absolute corruption! We can see the writing on the wall from the appointment of the new UK Ambassador and the new Attorney General. These are overt examples of nepotism under Yahapalanaya.

  2. Everyone understand that there is only one opposition party in parliament. However they can together act according to their views inside the parliament.

  3. Do not allow any politicians to form any joint opposition in the parliament and I saw the unruly behavior of MPs and its a shame to see all those shouting but instead coming to a conclusion and to make country forward and they just simply making troubles and threats.This is very bad to see and they should set an example as they were elected by the people, and I don’t think any of those ministers will get any votes during this coming LG election.So Ministers set an example and behave properly and the people and the world is watching all.

  4. Is Sri Lanka and the fate of all our many peoples future and well-being all secondary to the fate of the Rajapakse family.It seems this unruly mob of politicians have entirely forgotten that the people have voted them in not to protect thieves but to debate the progress of the country and its people.The survival of some of these MP’s like Dinesh,Gammanpila,Vasu and Wimal depend entirely on Rajapakse.They are political refugees without their Rajapakse who stayed on in parliament not out of love for us or the country but to save the family from serving 20-30 year jail terms.Otherwise he probably has made enough money to spend for the next 50 generations and are we foolish enough to think he will live in Sri Lanka in preference to some luxurious destination overseas which must be waiting for their arrival.If the government does not put its foot down and deal with these rabble with an iron fist they will not hesitate to destroy the whole country in order to save the Rajapakse family and themselves.The government must start a massive public awareness campaign to rally the people against these thieves as it happened in the Phillipines during the dark days of Marcos and his inafamous wife Imelda and drive these rogues out of parliament soon and if necessary into the bowels of jails they deserve to be in.


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