PM assures no escape for corrupt members of ex regime

RanilPrime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe today assured Parliament that there will be no escape for corrupt members of the former regime.

Speaking in Parliament today, the Prime Minister said that the investigations into large scale fraud and corruption is being conducted in a transparent and independent manner.

He insisted that the investigation is not an attempt to hunt down the opposition nor is there political interference in the probe.

The Prime Minister however said that the investigators must be given time to conduct a comprehensive probe.

Meanwhile the Prime Minister said that a police complaint has not been made over offshore accounts of some former top Government members.

He said that if the current Government makes the complaint then it will be seen as an attempt to target the former Government.

The Prime Minister said he prefers if details over the allegations on offshore accounts surface through ongoing investigations into complaints filed against some former Government members. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. Let’s hope the Prime Minister is doing the right thing. I am always against corruption and will support genuine clean up. But the current govrnment shouldn’t use justice stsyem to keep its power. If it does, it will backfire. Tamils were used to undermine smart Tamils. I believe that Sinhalese have been used to undermine other Sinhalese. The current leaders must understand one thing, the people won’t forgive them if they undermine Mahinda Rajapaksa to keep their power with the help of foreign powers. You must understand one thing clearly. When you undermine your people you are destroying yourself.


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