Government committed to post conflict reconciliation process

IMG_5218_optThe Government is committed to the post conflict reconciliation process, Sri Lanka’s Ambassador to Sweden Damayanthie Rajapakse said.

She said this while participating at a ceremony held at the Sri Lankan Embassy premises in Sweden to mark the 68th Independence Day of Sri Lanka, the Foreign Ministry said today.

A large gathering of Diplomatic community and Senior Officials representing the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Sweden attended the event.

Ambassador Mrs. Damayanthie Rajapakse hoisted the National Flag and delivered a speech at the ceremony elaborating on the Government’s commitment to embark on the post conflict reconciliation process and for economic development.

She also expressed the desire to strengthen relations between Sri Lanka and Sweden.

Religious observances were conducted at the ceremony by the Buddhist, Hindu and Christian clergy bestowing blessings upon Sri Lanka for the country’s prosperity and good governance.

A group of Sri Lankan children and adults residing in Stockholm adorned this event with the rendition of patriotic songs and presentation of Sri Lankan dance forms captivating the audience.

At both the events, two minutes silence was observed in honour of National Heroes and the National Anthem of Sri Lanka was sung in Sinhala and Tamil. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. This government’s propaganda machine works well locally and internationally creating a false image that Sri Lanka is actively involved in reconciliation efforts. Whereas at ground level, we are progressing at snails’ pace. There is no real reconciliation when Tamil prisoners are languishing for over two decades without proper charges against them. Tamil lands are still in the hands of the Government, and the owners of these lands have no houses to live, no land to cultivate. Development of North and East have been stopped. Unemployment has sky rocketed. Government has only done lip service on the War crimes inquiry, reneging and twisting on all promises made to the TNA and the International community. As a reciprocity to the perks they got including the post of the Leader of the Opposition, TNA is bent over backwards to support this government. They help to boost the image of the government as reconciliatory and inclusive. In reality it’s just the opposite! Singing national anthem in Tamil has been happening for a long time in schools, public functions and ceremonies. In the grand scheme of current affairs in SL, this is absolutely insignificant. Don’t make a mountain out of a mole-hill, and try to side track the main issues facing Tamils.


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