Anoma to be proposed if Fonseka is opposed

Anoma Fonseka 1Some members of the United National Party (UNP) are to propose the name of Anoma Fonseka to be included in Parliament under the National List instead of her husband Field Marshal Sarath Fonseka.

UNP sources said that there is strong opposition among some UNP members to have Field Marshal Sarath Fonseka fill the position left vacant by the demise of the late MP M.K.D.S Gunawardena.

Sources said that if a majority of the UNP members oppose Fonseka’s inclusion then Anoma Fonseka’s name will be proposed.

The UNP is expected to meet ahead of the Parliament session on Tuesday to decide on the National List seat of the UNP.

Fonseka’s Democratic Party and the UNP reached an agreement to work together last week and as part of the agreement the Democratic Party is expected to get a seat in Parliament through the UNP National List. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. That’s a good move she seems to be the right person being a woman she could handle most of these family problems and see the issues of economic problems mostly about food childrens up bringing and how to survive poor familes day to day with low income. She would be a good listne.r

  2. Why are these UNP’ers afraid of Sarath Fonseka? They fear justice and they know their days of corruption is numbered. Wijedasa Rajspaksa must be having nightmares and sleepless nights. the dirty rat must be peeing in his pants when thinking of the possibility o facing Sarath Fonseka in the Cabinet.

  3. Why are we always trying get the wife or the children into the parliament. We have the Gamage pair already and a few father and sons couples. Can’t we find some other suitable person rather than bringing these house wives?

  4. It is not the UNP MP s opposing SF to be included in the National list but to satisfy the tamils interest against SF leading the war against LTTE. Yahapalanaya amy have given a pledge to support the two main ethnic minorities satisfy their demands. If majority of UNP MPs are against SF, could someone explain why UNP supported SF in presidential elections when he lost to MR.


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