Modi looks forward to stronger ties with Sri Lanka

epa04385270 Indian prime minister Narendra Modi waves as he arrives to attend the welcoming ceremony for Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott (not pictured) at the Indian President's house in New Delhi, India, 05 September 2014. Abbott began his two-day India visit, with a uranium sales deal topping the agenda and is scheduled to meet top Indian politicians. EPA/HARISH TYAGIIndian Prime Minister Narendra Modi today said that he looks forward to stronger ties with Sri Lanka.

In a message to greet Sri Lanka on its Independence Day anniversary, the Indian Prime Minister said that India-Sri Lanka relations are special and India looks forward to even stronger ties in years to come.

Modi also tweeted greetings to Sri Lanka in Sinhalese and Tamil. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. It does not matter about the India’s economy status, if you are smart enough you can make it happen. Singapore did not rely on Malaysia’s economy to become a developed country. Recently, I have read an article about Foreign Mister Mangala Samaraweera’s speech on India on Daily News Paper. I disagree with his views. Mr Samaraweera won’t agree with me, because I have read, seen and heard more than him. People’s thinking capacity based on what they have read, seen and heard. Does not matter who become Sri Lanka’s leaders, people like us won’t be utilized. This is the greatest weakness of Asians who are in billions. Just breeding is an ultimate goal won’t make you a superpower. India won’t become a superpower; because of its caste, religion, race and language issues. The West wants to see India become a powerful country, so India can tackle China. Otherwise, China will become dominant as the US and keep Asia under its control. Basically, the West wants India to fight against China, so the Western casualty will be minimal.

    I have visited Sri Lanka in 2012, and tried my best to meet President Mahinda Rajapaksa; because I have foreseen what was coming, but he ignored me. Now he is paying for it. President Rajapaksa has ignored me due to the negative Western Propaganda. This is the power of the West, it makes sure that you won’t have access to knowledge. This is what happened to Tamils as well. In the world Tamils are five times in population than Sinhalese; but Tamils are in a disaster. Yet Tamil leaders don’t repent and do what is right; because the foreign powers made them blind. You must understand one thing clearly; eventually you will be a loser, if you listen to people who have the foreign powers approval. This is what happened to Tamils, some extent to the Rajapaksas as well. The foreign powers will do everything to make sure that the Sri Lankan leaders will ignore smart people. The country’s success will depend on the leaders’ ability to find smart people and get help; even it has to be done under the table. I have read hundreds of political and history books, but I kept the bogus cover “How to attract girls.” Because the West won’t let me to have access to knowledge while I was under their watch list. Between 2008 and 2011 I have spent most of my days in reading than working, in order to expand my knowledge.


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