India says ties with Sri Lanka matured over time

Pranab-MukherjeeThe relationship between India and Sri Lanka has matured over time to include all areas of contemporary relevance, President Pranab Mukherjee said today.

Mukherjee has extended his greetings and felicitations to the government and people of the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka on the eve of the 68th anniversary of their independence, the Press Trust of India reported.

“The ties of friendship between India and Sri Lanka go back centuries and have matured over time to include all areas of contemporary relevance.

“I am confident that the renewed vigour in the Sri Lankan polity under your leadership will not only allow you to realise your vision for Sri Lanka but also strengthen the partnership between India and Sri Lanka for the mutual benefit of the people of our two countries,” he said in a message to Sri Lanka’s President Maithripala Sirisena.

“I would like to take this opportunity to assure you that, as a close friend and neighbour, we support your vision for Sri Lanka,” Mukherjee said.


  1. The man who was unable to stop the northern mass killings but did the Indian rope trick of prodding a war started by Hindia.

    He is talking shop.

    Iran’s new best friend is China not Hindia that cannot be trusted.


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