Maldives delegation briefs the media

Maldives delegationA high-level Maldives Government delegation briefs the media in Colombo on the issue involving former Maldives President Mohamed Nasheed.

Maldives delegation 1Maldives delegation 2


  1. Now the Maldivian government is in Panic mode. If one celebrity women can do this, put President Yamin on the back foot. he has achieved. This government’s pomp is getting it down.

  2. I wonder how many people were in attendance.. Only the faces of confused government officials. Not many people are interested in listening to this government anyway.

  3. Asima Shakur, Zameer and that Beyfulhaa Like to be Princess Ambassador of Maldives in colombo. Nobody wants to listen to you. Addressing only a few journalists.. LOL.. shame on your government. Talk to TVM may have more PPM supporters tuning in.


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