Prime Minister denies threatening media in Parliament speech

RanilPrime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe today denied that he had threatened the media during a speech he made in Parliament yesterday.

Speaking in Parliament today the Prime Minister said that he has a right to name journalists and raise concerns over their actions like journalists name Parliamentarians in their articles.

The Prime Minister said that some journalists had complained that he had threatened them through his speech.

Speaking in Parliament yesterday, the Prime Minister named some journalists and media institutions and accused them of attempting to create communal disharmony.

The Prime Minister also named some newspapers and asked why they had not written against the incident near the Homagama Magistrates’ court this week where some monks had behaved in an unruly manner. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. What the Prime Minister says is completely true, The TV stations that operated with the aid of previous regime are trying to sling mud at the the UNP politicians by showing press interviews given by bankrupt politicians discarded by the people. Parties led by Gammanpila, Vasudeva, DEW and Weerawansa were rejected by the people but these tv stations are giving undue publicity to these losers just to ridicule the government. It is time the PM stood upto them and put them in their place.

    • What about tamil media? why the PM is not critiquing them? why not naming and shaming those racist remarks made by tamil media?
      Media freedom is a double edged sward. You can’t have it when you want it and deny it when you don’t. Remember, ranil and the UNP were chronic losers before Jan 8, 2015.

  2. The Prime Minister has a forked tongue. He turns and twists what he has said on anything controversial. Some politicians are clever in that. Take for example Sumanthiran. the TNA spokes person. He has an ability to turn and twist stories.

  3. former president mr Rajapaska killed many journalist. present government did not take any action against former most crooks are in parliament mr president, mr Ranil not different from mr Rajapaska, both must chase out of politics,these government asking for another communal in country,

  4. PM is absolutely right.
    The people of Sri Lanka has rejected the curupt previous regime.
    I don’t understand why the tv station bring this fools to tv stations.
    People tired of these monkey faces.

  5. Specially ada derana and hiru – fulltime job is mudslinging, why the want to give so much prominance to mahinda who goes pansal after pansal tooo spread jathiwadaya..

  6. it is found from recent utterancesof the PM, that he is not only vociferous, garrulous,self conceited and misses groping in the dark, the real point he wants to dwell on. He looks the real “harak hora chandiyay” of the rustic village. I is most unbecoming of a Prime Minister to tallk mostly ” SHOP”, while slandering and scolding particularly the Sinhalese and Buddhism. He appears toe over exited on certain issues. This is due to conceit,arrogance and pride due to his flukely Premiership Unlike in the three previous occasions, can he go further this time? We doubt.

  7. There is no question that some media institutions and Journalists are working with a hidden and personal Agenda. When Ranil was in the opposition Ranil was portrayed as a zero and Joker by most media lead by Sirasa , especially Ranga in Sakthi who came to parliament courtesy of Ranil. Now the zeroes and corrupts are propelled as heroes.


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